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Hello, I'm Lynne and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  My love for crafting started at a young age when my Granny would let me play with the fancy stitches on her sewing machine. 

I learnt to knit as a child, and sew as a teenager in school.  I started knitting again in 2005 after randomly seeing something on TV about it making a comeback, and taught myself to crochet from youtube videos.

In 2011 I started to sew again due to getting a sore arm from too much knitting!, and did a brilliant pattern drafting class in 2015So now I sew more than knit, so I actually have clothes that fit.

Being petite is not fun when it comes to clothes shopping - don't start me on trying to get shoes that fit...   

Contact Me

Ozzy Blackbeard was my lovely cat, he's the one on the left.  I now have two cats called Luke Spookling (in the middle) and Valentine (on the right).