Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Sew Over It 1960s Coat

This is the Sew Over It 1960s coat, and I have loved this coat since it was first advertised as a class at Sew Over It; but as I am on a different land mass, I had to impatiently wait for it be released as a pattern to buy.


I even had the fabric for it, which is some herringbone tweed from Tinsmiths.  I got it at least two or three years ago so, unsurprisingly, they don't have it any more.  The lining fabric was either from Sew N Sew or The Spinning Wheel in Belfast.



I made a size 8, but being me, I made some changes:

  • I shortened the length by about 3 inches.
  • The sleeves are a one piece sleeve, so I mashed the sleeve head with the sleeves from a Le-roy Weldon's pattern that I made here.  These sleeves have darts to shape the elbow, which I love, and I gathered the sleeve head using the bias strip method.
  • The coat is an A-Line shape, and I wanted it be be a bit more fitted, so I took the centre back seam in a bit at the waist. 
All the love for this Dior dart!

Fabric covered button

Elbow darts from the Le-Roy Weldon's pattern

There are separate interfacing pieces for the back and front, and also for the hems.  I added a bit more using the Craftsy "Essential Guide to Tailoring: Structure and Shape" class (I have raved about this class many times!). 

The instructions are brilliant, especially the bit on sewing the collar.  One thing to watch for is the 1cm seam allowance on the neckline, collar and centre front.


I made bound buttonholes and fabric covered buttons, and left off the button and buttonhole at the top because I wanted it to look like the coat in this Le-roy Weldons pattern below.  This was a single-sized pattern I bought on ebay, but it was too big for me.  I loved the View B green coat, so that's what I've based this coat on, including the top-stitching on the lapel. 

Also I added some bias tape in between the  facing and the lining.  This was a lot easier to do than I thought, and I love how it looks.  The attaching the facing to the lining seam is also a 1cm seam allowance.

I'm not going to waffle too much about this, as I've said plenty about the coats I've made in previous posts, but I love this coat!



Happy sewing,



  1. Beautifully made with lovely fabric, the style really suits you.

  2. Well you've done it again Lynne. Another beautiful coat. I really like the detail of the tape between the lining and facing. Lovely rich colours in your fabric and the buttons look great. Just in time for the really cold weather too

  3. Thank you Elaine!! I was really surprised how easy it was to do the bias tape at the lining. I thought it would be a total faff!! 😆😆

  4. It's gorgeous Lynne, I especially like the covered buttons. Were they easy to do?

  5. Thank you Helen! Yes, the buttons were surprisingly easy to do! I thought they'd be a faff, but Prym to a little gadget to put the button in, then you put the button back on top, and there's a do-da to help push the back on.


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