Saturday, 20 June 2020

Honey Bop Cardigan

Oh my goodness, I'm so pleased with this!!

It's the Poison Grrls Honey Bop cardigan, I started knitting this last summer, and finished it a few weeks ago.  I shall explain why it took so long in a minute.

The cardigan is knit from the top down - you start with the back shoulders and work down to the under arm, then pick up the stitches for the front shoulders again working to the under arm.  It's then joined, and you work the body to the ribbing and cast off.  Next is the button bands, and then you pick up the stitches at the armholes for the sleeves and work them.

My yarn is Cascade 220 4 ply, and the colour is 8393 Navy.  I'm not the fasted knitter, and it took me a while (and a few goes at the shoulders) to do the body.  By the time I got to the knit one purl one ribbing, it was winter, and it was just impossible to see the stitches in the dark yarn, so it got set aside. 


But it turned out that lockdown and more daylight in the evening was a great motivator, and I got the ribbing and button bands done.

The sleeve heads were a bit tricky, and it took a few goes to get the first one started, but once I got it, the second one was easy.  That said, the instructions are very good, it was me that took a while to get my head around them!


I'm absolutely delighted with how it turned out, I don't have any navy buttons for it yet, but I can get them at some point.  I also have this yarn in a gold/orange shade which is 9622 Amber Glow, so I need to decide what to knit with it.



  1. This looks lovely Lynne. I m sure you'll wear it with so many outfits. I do knit but have only done bottom up things that are then joined together. This looks much more complex to construct. I've really got into sock knitting lately too. Its very relaxing isn't it. Your yarn is beautiful and it looks so neatly knitted. I love the neat effect of 4 ply. You must be so pleased to be able to wear it at last. I'm guessing you will make more of these!
    Elaine x

    1. Thank you Elaine! I love sock knitting! I never saw the point of it when I started knitting, but now I love my knitted socks to wear with boots in the winter.

  2. It's gorgeous Lynne and I especially love the puff sleeves.

  3. Fab job Lynne! It's the perfect shaped cardi for dresses too/

  4. I saw this on Instagram, I love those puffy sleeves.


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