Monday, 4 May 2020

Sewaholic Gabriola Skirt

I have a skirt that's very similar to this one, it's denim and it was from Tescos, but I bought it on ebay.  I must have that skirt about 10 years, and I absolutely love it.  It gets worn every summer, and it's always missed when it's in the washing.


So you'd think I'd have made my own version a bit sooner!  But better late than never, and this one is fabulous.  It's the Sewaholic Gabriola skirt; the back of the pattern is dated 2014, and my sister bought me it not long after it was published.  

(I also made this top, which is a Charm Patterns Rita Blouse made from some Liberty Carline linen left over from this skirt, but back to the Gabriola.)

My fabric is a linen (or possibly linen mix), I recall buying it, and  that it was beautifully enabled by Rachel from Stitched Up!, I can't remember where it was from.  

The size I made was based on the finished garment measurements on the back of the pattern.  Annnnd I ended up taking it in by 8cm at the side seams, grrr...  If you too have this pattern lurking in your stash, then I would suggest measuring the waistband before tracing/cutting the rest of the pattern.  Guess which pattern piece I looked at last...

And talking of the waistband, you'll notice that I didn't use it.  It's a rectangle waistband, and I'm not a fan, so I drafted a facing instead.  To do this I pinned the top yoke to it's corresponding yoke, then traced over it and made the facing 3" deep plus seam allowance.  The photos below are of the front pieces, but it was the same process for the back.  The front facing is shorter at the centre front because I cut it on the fold, the back facing is the same length as the pattern pieces.

I also shortened the main skirt pieces by 5 1/2" along the length/shorten line.

I would recommend marking the yoke pieces as it's pretty easy to get them confused, and  I used coloured glass headed pins to colour-code each piece.

Blue for the back
Red for the front (as there's no colour that starts with an F, I use red as it's the second letter of front)
Red for the right hand side
Yellow (or lemon if you will) for the left hand side.

You sort of have to use your imagination with this, but it works for me.
Right back

Left back

Left front

Right front

The yoke pieces are cut on a horizonal grain, and I love how it gives the yoke a slightly different tone.  Also, I think all the yoke pieces are ripe for top-stitching, and I might do this when I can get some more thread. 


In conclusion, I flipping love this skirt, and now feel the need for one in red.  If anybody wants me, I shall be swishing about and pretending I'm Stevie Nicks!


Happy sewing,



  1. It's a great skirt Lynne - it looks like the kind of thing that will get worn loads. And the top is really pretty too!

  2. Got to love a bit of swish! And your idea of colour coding the different pattern parts using pins is ingenious!


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