Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Deer and Doe Magnolia

This is sort of a half-and-half dress. I had fully intended to use the Deer and Doe Magnolia pattern as is, because their patterns are a good fit, but in the end I didn't.

I used the skirt for view A (but sewed up the split), and was going to use the bodice for view B but make it sleeveless.  In the end I drafted the bodice from my block, and was able to re-jig the bodice from my Frocktails dress, so it was pretty quick to do.


Me, being me, ended up making a few changes.  I put a zip in the centre back, because I find side seam zips a bit of a faff to sew.


And I also faced the inside of the waistband, and used facing instead of bias tape to face the neckline.

The fabric is some cheap and cheerful viscose from Sew N Sew in Belfast that I bought last year.  I bought either 3 or 4 metres (can't remember which), but didn't realise that it was 45 inches wide, so went back and bought another 2 metres.  I used all of the first cut, and a bit of the second, and have enought left for a top.

It was pretty shifty fabric to work with, and I really should have stablised it with spray starch.  Also, the print is a bit patchy in places, but I think the busy-ness hides it.  

I love this dress, it will be great for swishing around in the summer, and it goes well with my Yaz jacket.


Hope everybody is keeping well,



  1. Definitely a dress with a good amount of swish! Gorgeous fabric and it goes so well with your jacket. Stay safe and well. xx


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