Saturday, 18 April 2020

Deer and Doe Pavot Denim Jacket

Hope everybody is doing ok in these crazy times, and that sewing is keeping you occupied.  Making this little jacket has been a very welcome distraction for me.

I also made this skirt, but it will get it's own post

The first thing to talk about is the jacket's inspiration, which was a jacket that Yaz wore in the latest series of Doctor Who.  There was an episode towards the end of the series (which seems like a hundred years ago now!) that was set in the early 1800s, and was about Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein.   It was a sort of haunted house episode and was very dark and creepy, also there was a Cyberman, and they're flipping scary!

Everybody was wearing early 1800s clothes (think the outfits from a Jane Austen drama), and Yaz (who is one of the companions) was wearing an empire line dress and a Spencer jacket, and I absolutely loved it.  I got these photos below from the @bbcdoctorwho Instagram. 

Unfortunately the ribbon from her bonnet is getting in the way (!), but you can see the puff on the sleeve heads, the Peter Pan collar (love these!) and the trim on the collar and hem.  The photo below better shows the sleeve head and the shaping at the bust, which is either double darts or pleats.  I also love the print/embroidery on her dress.


I initially thought Yaz's velvet jacket was made from denim and thought this was a brilliant idea, as it reminded me of Biba from the late 1960s/early 1970s, especially with the maxi dress.  So, in an effort to take my mind off the scary Cyberman as I was going to bed, I was desperately trying to think about how to make my own version.

Which leads me on to the pattern which is the Deer and Doe Pavot coat, and I've made it before here and here.  This was one of their first patterns, and unfortunately it has been discontinued, which is a shame because it's lovely.

I made the bodice as it is on the pattern, and just left off the skirt.  Which leads me onto the fabric.  Both the denim and the cotton lawn that I used inside are from lovely Becs at Oh Sew!.  The cotton lawn isn't available now, but the denim is (here's a link), and this denim is amazing!  I've made a Tilly And The Buttons Ness skirt in the black, and have the khaki to make jeans with.



I used the cotton lawn to make 10 metres of bias tape to edge the raw edges of the seams, and this was even more tedious than it sounds.

"Me Made" label from Kylie And The Machine
I also used the cotton lawn for the inside of the waistband, and to make little inside pockets.  The pockets aren't very big, but will be handy to put my keys into.

"Contains Cat Hair" label from Pink Coat Club
Sonic Screwdriver from the Tenth Doctor
The trim is from ebay, which is all hand-sewn on, and the buttons are also from ebay.  I like the style of the buttons, but the colour isn't right - they're too light.  But they'll do until I can get something else.


I love how this jacket turned out especially the puffy sleeve heads, as I wasn't sure it would work in denim; and I fully intend to make the Deer and Doe Magnolia Dress (bodice B, skirt A) to wear with it.  (Spoiler: it's already cut out...)

Happy sewing,



  1. So beautifully made and it really captures the essence of your inspiration.

  2. Beautiful, both the outside and the insides. I understand how helpful it is to have a sewing project to distract us for a while at the moment. Best wishes to you and yours Lynne.

  3. It's such a lovely and unique jacket Lynne! I've said it before, but I always admire the way you take inspiration from things and then turn them into reality - I save photos but then never do anything about recreating them!

    1. Thanks Ruth!! I have loads of photos saved that I've never recreated!!

  4. It's just beautiful Lynne. From the fabric choice, the buttons and braid, the detail on the bias binding and the labels you've added. I love it!


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