Saturday, 4 April 2020

Belfast (Virtual) Frocktails Dress

The first Belfast Frocktails (which was sold out!) was supposed to be tonight, but it has been postponed for obvious reasons.  It has been organised by the fabulous Claire and Laura from The Dab Hand, and ably assisted by some lovely local sewing chums.

But never let it be said that we sewists aren't an adaptable bunch, because then they organised virtual frocktails on Instagram and it's really taken off, with sewists from all over the world taking part.  It's all happening today, and just search for the hashtag #virtualfrocktails on Instagram to join in.

Obviously I had to make a new frock; it took me a while to decide what I wanted to make, and my first choice was to use some stash fabric that I was nearly going to sell.  The fabric is some gorgeous Liberty silk georgette that I bought about 3 1/2 years ago.  I got 2 metres on sale for £33, and had absolutely no idea what to do with it.  Turns out everything has a purpose in the end!

Next was to decide on a style, and after lots of trawling and saving things on Pinterest, I settled on trying to recreate this gorgeous Trashy Diva dress.  I would have loved to be able to do the sleeves, but didn't have enough fabric and couldn't get any more. 

As the silk is so lightweight, I knew it would need lined.  I originally thought of white cotton lawn, but the white looked awful underneath the silk.  So tried some primrose yellow viscose voile (I had loads of this that I got ages ago from The Textile Centre).  The yellow didn't really work under the silk either, so then I thought of dying the voile.  I used Dylon dye and the colour was Forest Green.  This worked like a charm, and I'm delighted with how it turned out.
This is the silk by itself.
This is the yellow viscose.
The silk over the yellow viscose - not loving it.
The viscose once I'd dyed it - much better!
And the silk on top of the dyed viscose.
For the pattern, I hacked my self-drafted pattern from my Christmas dress.  It has gathers at the shoulders and under the bust, and a yoke at the waist.  

Gathers on shoulder seam.
The skirt is my self-drafted A-Line skirt, and I added 12" into the back and front, then gathered it.  The details are a bit lost in the busy print, so here's my toile made from a duvet cover from the charity shop, and hopefully you can see a bit more detail in it.

The bodice is underlined in the voile, and the lining on the skirt is free hanging from the silk over skirt.  All the seams are French seamed, which took ages but looks great!

This will be me all night when we can have Frocktails!!
Hopefully Frocktails will now go ahead in September, but until then I hope everybody stays safe, and keeps on sewing!



  1. Green goddess!
    Beautiful work Lynne.

  2. Loved reading your blog Lynne,beautiful dress xx

  3. What a fabulously swishy skirt Lynne. Your dress is beautiful. Stay safe xx

  4. Ooh the swish! Looks lovely on you, dyeing the lining made such a difference. Su

    1. Thanks Su! I'm really pleased with how the dyeing turned out.

  5. It's a gorgeous dress Lynne! And you're right - French seams may take a while but they do look lovely!

    1. Thanks Ruth! Ah, French seams! It's all the pressing that's the worst bit - worth it though.


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