Saturday, 14 March 2020

Sew Over It Georgie Dress - without a bodice lining

This is the Sew Over It Georgie Dress (which I keep wanting to call Georgia), and I do love a knit fabric pattern; they are so much quicker to make than wovens, and this was sewn in a few hours.  

I made a size 10 of Version 1 with the 3/4 circle skirt, and being me, I made some changes.  The sleeves and skirt were shorted, and I added pockets to the side seams, but the biggest change was to not add the bodice lining.

I did this for two reasons: 1 - my fabric is fairly thick, and I didn't want to add extra bulk, and 2 - I didn't have any suitable lining fabric.

So here is how I did it.  I basted the pleats on the right bodice front as on the instructions, and then joined both bodice fronts to the bodice back at the shoulders.  Then I got some 1/4" clear elastic and Wonder Clipped (cos that's a verb) it to the wrong side of the neckline of the bodice the whole way around.

The elastic isn't stretched, just as it is from the packet. 

Then I attached it with the overlocker using the setting for sewing knit fabric.  I didn't stretch it out as I sewed, just held it in place at the edge of the fabric.

 And this is what it looks like when it's done.

Next, I pressed the edge over from the right side by 1cm, which is the seam allowance and again Wonder Clipped it in place.

And then I sewed it in place from the right side using a twin needle.  This is what it looks like from the right side,

and this is what it looks like from the wrong side.

I layed the right hand side of the bodice over the left hand side, and then basted the overlap edges within the seam allowance.

And finally pinned and sewed the front and back side seams together. 

And that was it!  The rest was contructed as on the instructions, and I finished the hems by overlocking and twin needling them.


My fabric is from The Textile Centre ages ago, and I used about 1.5 metres.  I love this dress, and the only change that I'll make to the next one is to lengthen the bodice by about an inch, as this bodice is a little bit short.

Have a great weekend,



  1. Super neat inside and out and it fits like a glove! So lovely on you.

  2. Great fabric and dress! I have a similar hack pattern for faux wrap knit dress that I have made 2 short sleeved and 2 long sleeved. So comfortable but a bit more interesting than a regular skater style dress ;o)

    1. Thanks Colette! I love this style of dress.

  3. It's lovely Lynne! It's so nice to have dresses that make you look nicely put together but are super comfy. And it's interesting to see how you constructed it without the lining.

  4. That elastic is amazing, I've never seen it before. Beautifully neat both on the inside and outside!


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