Monday, 9 December 2019

Self-drafted tartan dress

This dress had been rattling around my head for a while; 

and it was inspired by this dress I saw on Pinterest.


I love the Peter Pan collar, the princess seams going up to the shoulders, and the three-quarter length cuffed sleeves.

My fabric is some tartan viscose from the lovely Claire and Laura at The Dab Hand, but I got the end of the roll.  It was a bit shifty, so I stablised it with some spray starch.

Cutting out was a bit of a nightmare as I wanted to match up the lines on the tartan, so I cut it out on a single layer.  I have another tartan dress that I want to make, so I'll try and take some photos when I'm cutting it out.

As the fabric wrinkles a bit, I underlined the bodice with some viscose voile I got ages ago from The Textile Centre.

The pattern is self-drafted, and I think the princess seams to the shoulders work well with the tartan.  

The sleeves are a shorter version of the sleeves on this self-drafted shirt, and the cuffs are ordinary cuffs instead of the French cuffs on the shirt.  I cut the cuffs on the bias because trying to match the lines was making my head hurt...

The skirt is a gathered rectangles with side seam pockets, but I managed to mess it up when I sewed the right back skirt upside down, and had to unpick it!

Also, the tartan doesn't match completely at the bodice centre back, but I can live with it because the waist and neckline seams lined up perfectly, and I won't see it when I'm wearing it!



Have a great week!



  1. That is beautiful; you are a very clever lady. Enjoy wearing it.

  2. Your pattern matching is just amazing, I don't think I would have the patience! It would definitely end up in the naughty corner!

    1. Thanks Helen!! I don't know why I do this to myself!! 😆😆😆


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