Saturday, 13 July 2019

A tale of two shirtdresses

I seem to be all about the shirtdresses at the minute, and have made three in a row.  The first was the Sew Over It Penny dress here, these are the next two.

Both are self-drafted, and the first is made from this gorgeous Hill-Berg Fabrics poppy print quilting cotton.  This came from the @dressmakersanonymousbelfast fabric swap earlier this year.  



I am especially pleased with my Olympic standard pattern tetrising on this, because the fabric is 2 metres long and about 45 inches wide.  Sometimes being small has it's benefits!

The bodice has princess seams, as I'm finding these are a better fit for my full bust; the collar is a two piece shirt collar, and the skirt is gathered rectangles.  Also, it has pockets.

Here's my top tip on gathering cotton fabric - don't use cotton thread!  I'd put the stitch length to 5.0mm and turned the thread tension to zero, and the thread refused to gather up.  So I ended up unpicking it and using silk thread, which worked perfectly.

The black buttons came from a big bag I bought on ebay, and I flipping love this dress!


The second dress is also self-drafted.  The bodice is the same as the dress above, but it has a convertible collar and placket facing.  

The skirt is a self-drafted half-circle skirt, and I used the same drafting method as on my Penny Dress.

This dress is all about the fabric, and isn't it amazing?!   I got it from Oh! Sew, which is a gorgeous new fabric shop that opened in Northern Ireland after Easter.  Fabric shops are pretty thin on the ground in NI, so I was understandably excited about this and had to go on the day it opened, which is when I bought this cotton poplin.  And if you happen to find yourself in this part of the planet, then I can recommend a visit! 


Accidental print matching on the collar :)

My long-suffering sister (who doesn't sew) got trailed along with me to the shop, and she doodled this little inspiration picture when we got some lunch in the cafe next door.  As she said to me "I'll draw them, you make them!".  I also flipping love this dress too!


Have a great weekend,



  1. Those are two lovely dresses Lynne. Perfectly fitting and pretty fabrics

  2. Well, I am not partial, as I love shirt dresses in general, but these are gorgeous!!! Slightly prefer the red one, but both are great on you

  3. I love them both, and the fabrics are just perfect!

  4. They both look great Lynne - the fabrics are really pretty. And why not make lots of shirtdresses when they're so lovely to wear?!

    1. Thanks Ruth! I do love a shirtdress, they're so easy to wear.

  5. I love both of these so much!

  6. Both dresses look fabulous on you. You choose such gorgeous fabrics and your self drafted designs are beautiful. I love a shirtdress too and am working on my third this year!

    1. Thanks Elaine!! Good luck with your dress!


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