Sunday, 10 March 2019

A-line skirts (and a shopper)

Thank you for the love for my Biba coat!  I'm still absolutely delighted with it but wanted to make something simple after making something so time consuming, and decided to make an A-Line skirt with the left-over fabric.  But in true Lynne style, I had to over-complicate it!  

First of all, I ended up drafting the pattern myself, because I didn't have one that was exactly what I wanted.  So I made an A-line skirt that sits at the natural waist, and has a front and back yoke.  Everything got cut on on a single layer, so I could line up the vertical lines in the fabric.

I stablised all the edges with 2 cm strips of interfacing (as on my coat), to stablise the loose weave of the fabric, and sewed the yokes to the front and back of the skirts.  Then I was watching the first episode of the new series of The Great British Sewing Bee, and someone added piping to their jumpsuit in the Made To Measure challenge, and I realised piping would be amazing between the skirt and yoke.

Some quality time with the stitch ripper, and an ebay order later, the piping was added.  I'm really glad I did this, as I think it looks great.  The zip is an exposed metal zip from ebay, and the lining is also left-over from my coat.

Then my sister asked me to make her a similar skirt.  She picked this fabulous map print cotton canvas from Etsy, and I ordered 1.5 metres.  This turned out to not be enough - well, I could have made it work, but the print wouldn't have matched above and below the yoke, which wouldn't have pleased either of us, so I ordered another metre.



My sister wanted pleats below the yoke, and again I used some piping and a metal zip.  It is also lined, and is a bit longer than my skirt.


And as I had some of the map print fabric left over, I made my sister a shopping bag with it, which she has declared to be the best shopper ever!  Here she is modelling it in my untidy sewing room.

Have a great week!



  1. Both skirts are immaculate! I love your attention to detail with both the matching of the herringbone lines on the first one and the map matching on the second one. They're beautiful on the inside too.

    1. Thanks Diane! Couldn't have lived with myself if those lines hadn't matched!!

  2. I can definitely understand you wanting to sew something simple after all the work on your coat! These skirts look fab - adding the piping was a good call, I'm sure they'd have looked fine without it but they look extra special with it!

    1. Thanks Ruth! The first skirt was nice without the piping, put when I unpicked and put the piping on, it definately looked better.

  3. I love the way you say you just drafted the pattern like it's the easiest thing in the world! Love both of the skirts, the map fabric is brilliant!


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