Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Emmaline Bags Necessary Clutch Wallet: 2018 Make Nine

This is number eight on my 2018 Make Nine, and it's the Emmaline Bags Necessary Clutch Wallet.

This pattern came to my attention on Sian from Kittenish Behaviour's vlog.  Sian has made approximately 3 million of these, so knows this pattern backwards.  She has also made a brilliant sewalong on her youtube channel, which I followed to the letter.

If you're thinking of making this purse, then do yourself a favour, and follow Sian's sewalong.  It's really easy to follow, and completely idiot-proof. The only change from the original pattern is to add two zip pockets instead of one.

My fabric is what was left over from my Exploding Tardis's dress.  I had 111.5cm wide and 53cm long of fabric left, and got everything except the card slots cut from the tardis fabric.  The card slots are some left over (Tardis) blue chambray from my Kelly skirt.

The pattern gives the pieces for the Purse flap and body, and then the measurements for all the other pieces, which are various sizes of rectangle.  I made the different rectangle pieces in pattern paper to make it easier to cut out, and managed to get exploding Tardis's on the outside and inside of the flap, the purse back and the front of the inside.

All the pieces cut out.

Everything except the pocket linings are interfaced with heavy-weight iron-on interfacing - I used Vilene interfacing.  Then the first thing I made was the card slots and wrist strap.

Next was the pockets, and this was probably the trickiest bit.  I found it a difficult to get my head around which bit went where, but this was because all my fabric was the same.  On the sewalong, different fabric is used for the pocket linings, which is much easier to work out.

Totally tried to get Tardis's on the ends of the zips!

Then I made the purse flap, which had the scary bit of cutting into the flap for the turn lock.  I did that with no problem but didn't have any Fray Check to use around the cut edge, so I improvised with nail polish.  The flap and the purse body are stablised with stiffener, I used Vilene S 13.

Outside of flap
Inside of flap with added Thread Lock detail!

I did have Thread Lock to use on the little screws on the turn lock, but stupidly spilt a drop on the inside of the flap.  Luckily the Thread Lock is blue, so it sort of blends in with the colours!

The flap was then attached to the body, and the card slots and pockets attached, but I forgot to take some photos of that.  By then I was sewing through loads of layers of fabric and interfacing, and my sewing machine was an absolute champion.  It's an Elna 680, and it sewed through all those layers like it was two layers of cotton lawn.  Very pleasing!!

Outside of purse

Inside of purse
I struggled a bit with sewing the purse sides to the pockets, but it turned out my walking foot wasn't the right tool for the job.  I ended up using my zipper foot, moved the needle all the way over to one side, and sewed about 1 cm from the edge of the purse.

This is what the sides look like when they're finished.

I'm delighted with how this has turned out, as it's something a bit different for me and I've wanted to make this for ages.   I finished the zip pulls with these little Tardis charms I got on ebay, and it really is Tardis-like because it's bigger on the inside (or smaller on the outside)!!


And, yeah, I will be making more...



  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - this looks amazing and I love your tardis zip pulls! It’s so exciting getting the right bit of the pattern where you want it, isn’t it? �������������� Caroline x

    1. Thanks Caroline!! The reason I made all the rectangle pattern pieces was so I'd know exactly where to place them to get as many Tardis's where I wanted them!

  2. Bags may be small things but there are sooooo many pieces. Totally unique clutch Lynne.
    Only one more garment to make then........

    1. Thanks Ruth! I have so much respect for anybody who makes little things like dolls or toys. Give me a dress any day!! And I'm hoping to start number nine at the weekend.

  3. Loooove this! I've always been a bit put off by bag and purse making, but I really want this so I might have to have a go at it :)

    1. Thank you! Please do it! My top tip is not to overthink it, and just follow Sian's instructions. Now I know how this goes together, the next one will be easy peasy!!

  4. It looks great Lynne - very neat and professional! I was planning to make one of these myself but then bought a wallet that was too much of a bargain to miss instead!

    1. Thanks Ruth! A bargain's a bargain, and it would be rude to pass it up!!

  5. I missed this post although I did see some of the photos on Instagram. Love it, especially the ends of the zips and the Tardis zip pulls!

    1. Thanks Helen! I think the tardis zip pulls are my favourite bit!


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