Thursday, 12 May 2016

Deer and Doe Melilot shirt and Fumeterre skirt

After the success of my first Deer and Doe Melilot shirt, I cut out the second one straight away.  My inspiration was this gorgeous version by Camille who was one of the pattern testers.

The fabric is some white peachskin from Minerva Crafts that I stablised with spray starch.  This time I made View A with the long sleeves and concealed button placket.  The construction was straightforward, but my top tip is not to use a coloured chalk to mark the buttonholes on white fabric.  I used a Clover Chaco chalk pen which is yellow, and all I can say is thank goodness for the concealed button placket!!  I can still see some chalk on the buttonholes at the cuffs, but it's not the end of the world.



I had to wash this when it was finished to get the starch out, and thought the chalk would come out then, but it didn't.  So I put some Vanish stain remover on the chalk marks and washed it again.  They faded a bit, but I thought I could live with it.  So I took it up the sewing room in the attic to take some photos of it on the dress form, and accidently dropped it on the way down the ladders.  It met with the same fate as my first self-drafted shirt, as the sleeves hit the side of the ladder and got grease all over them!  So, more Vanish stain remover, another trip around the washing machine and the grease came out (thank goodness!).  So this was washed three times before I even got to wear it!




As suggested by Camille, I too thought this shirt would go well with the Fumeterre maxi skirt.  Green came into my head, so I ordered some green linen/rayon mix fabric on the internet.  Then I went looking in my great big fabric box for something else entirely, and came across this green linen-look cotton that I had completely forgotton about!  It was from My Fabrics, and was something like £3 a metre in a sale.

I have made this skirt before, and this time I went with View A which has buttons down the front.  I made the same mods to the waistband as on my first version, also I changed the construction of the waistband at bit by sewing the outside waistband to the skirt first, then sewing the inside waistband on.  The instructions have you do it the other way around, but I found it tricky to get a good finish on the first one.


I added the pockets from View B because I love them on my first skirt, and decided to add some piping to the pockets, waistband and button placket.  This meant cutting the placket separately, but it was easy to do.   I also put the buttons right down to the bottom as I don't really love a split in a skirt.

This was not without it problems too, when actual blood was spilled trying to get the elastic into the back of the waistband.  Let's just say it was Lynne versus safety pin, and safety pin won.  But thumbs heal and I didn't get blood on the fabric, so it all worked out ok.  My top tip is that if you have top-stitched the waistband, use half inch elastic...

I haven't actually worn this yet, because the weather has taken a turn for the better, and I have been able to wear some of my summer dresses this week.  So I have been hunting through the fabric stash to make some dresses.  

Long may the nice weather last!



  1. Your two latest projects work so well together. I just bought a pencil for marking fabric, but after your experiences, I will be careful with it! Have a good weekend! x

  2. Thank you! I think I'll buy one of the white markers for white fabric. Lesson learnt!!

  3. Oh dear - it sounds like this outfit has put you through a few trials! Thank goodness for Vanish and healing thumbs! They look really good together though, so definitely worth all the trouble!

    1. Thank you!! It definitely did! I love the end result though.


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