Sunday, 2 December 2012

FO: New Look 6723

Hello all!  I hope everyone is well and keeping warm.  It's freezing here in Belfast today, and there was a thick layer of frost on my street this morning.  Brrr...
It's just as well I have a lovely woolly dress to keep me warm!  It's New Look 6723.  I saw this fabulous version on Cindy's blog, Cation Designs.  I absolutely love her sci-fi dresses!
My fabric is from Ditto Fabrics; sadly, I can't find it on their website anymore.  It's a wool mix called Green Flowerhead, and was £7.49 per metre - I bought 2 metres.   

As I have come to expect, there were a lot of alterations to get it to fit.  The neck and shoulders are the smallest size on the pattern, but I took 3/4 inch off the shoulder seams, and lowered the front and back neckline.  I also had to take 1 1/4 inches off each side of the back seam.  I did a 2cm Sway Back Adjustment, and shortened the bodice by 2cm (although it could be shortened a bit more).
I cut the rest of the bodice as a size 12, and did a Full Bust Adjustment using the instructions from Fits For Real People.  I hadn't done a Princess Seam FBA before, and the instructions were very easy to follow and worked first time.  This tutorial from Sewaholic explains the process too, and was also very helpful.  I don't know what size the lower bodice ended up though, because the side seams and under-bust seams got taken in a bit.  Let's just say it's me-sized. ;)
I'm extremely pleased with how the back turned out, it fits like a glove!

I only shortened the skirt length by 1 inch, and frightened the life out of Mr BB by asking his opinion on the length.  You'd have thought I'd asked him which of his arms he'd like me to chop off!  I also added some pockets, but forgot to take a photo of them.
On the pattern the skirt is gathered, but I wanted to pleat mine, so I cut the largest size, and then just sort of winged it to line the pleats up with the centre front and seams.  It turned out ok.  You can see this at the bottom of this photo.

As this fabric is quite thick, I didn't want to use it as facing, so I used bias tape instead.  I have to say, this is so much easier!  I used this tutorial on Lladybird's blog.  I didn't trim the seam allowance first though.  I sewed the bias tape on 5/8 inch in from the edge, then trimmed the fabric edge to the edge of the tape.  It's the same thing, but just in a different order.

You can see from this photo that this fabric can be used on either side, but I just liked the green side better.

What did I think of the pattern instructions?  I didn't look at them.  Well, that's not really true - I looked at the first one which said "sew princess seams", but having not done that before, I googled how to do it and ignored the instructions after that.  I found this great video on youtube on how to sew princess seams, and I have to say, this way worked brilliantly.  I also used the instructions from Tilly and The Buttons Picnic Skirt Tutorial Part 2  on sewing the pockets and side seams.
I'm really delighted with how my dress turned out, and I can definately see more New Look 6723s in my future.  I think this one will go well with my Lauriel cardigan; if I ever get it finished!  I've finished the body and the button bands (which were pesky to say the least!), and started the first sleeve last night.  So I think this week's crafting time will be spent on it.
Have a great week,


  1. Very elegant! It looks really warm too - just what you need :)

  2. Wow Lynne! I am just so impressed with how confidently you are able to alter patterns to get such a great fit. Clever clogs!

  3. Yet another lovely creation Lynne! I really like the pleats that you've done on the skirt, I think they can be a lot more flattering than gathers. And it was chilly cold here too - winter has truly arrived!!!

  4. Oh wow, such a gorgeus dress, and the fit is fantastic - super flattering! Looks like the perfect dress for this time of year, cosy but flattering (that's a hard combo to come by let me tell you!). I have this pattern in my yet untouched - may have to hoke it out and give it a whirl!

  5. It's turned out fabulously Lynne and fits a treat. You're so clever :)

  6. What a lovely shape on you, this style really suits you. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Lauriel, you are a wonderfully talented knitter too!

  7. What can I say? This totally suits you !! What a perfect style & colour. Well done on creating something with new techniques that looks so great & you are clearly happy with. I really like it - cute!!

  8. Really cute dress, and great fit - perfect for the season.

  9. This dress is so gorgeous, perfect fit and I love the fabric! :)


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