Saturday, 8 September 2012

Simplicity 2451 No2

After the success of Simplicity 2451 No1, I thought I'd made another one!  I altered the pattern to take off half an inch from each side seam (as the first one was too big and had to be fixed), and it went together fine.

I wore it when I was meeting my sister and our friend on Thursday night.  My sister took this photo in her house.  I wasn't sure about the black tights (not a big fan of black tights), but I think they look ok.  Please note my snazzy new boots!  I got them last week from Barratts Tall and Small.  It is seriously not fun having little feet, but I am very pleased with these boots because they actually fit!  My old black boots were two sizes too big - not good!

Here are the front and back on my dress form.   That zip is zip number two.  You know when you zip a zip up and down a few times to make sure it's working?  Well, zip number one was sticking a bit, but I thought, "a few zip up and downs, and it will be grand!".  I put the zip in, tried to zip it up, and it stuck.  So I gave it a few good tugs, and it broke!!  So it got un-picked, and I took great pleasure in throwing it in the bin.

I used the rest of the African Wax fabric from my first skirt for the pocket linings and waistband facings;

and I decided to line it too. This was really easy - the hardest bit was un-picking the first zip from the lining and main fabric!  I cut out the skirt pieces in lining fabric, and instead of making the pleats on the front and darts on the back, I pleated in the excess fabric when I attached it to the waistband facing.  I wasn't scientific about; I just eyeballed it, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
Unfortunately I don't know what the fabric is; it, and the lining fabric both came from my Granny. 

In other news, I have created a monster by finally decided to make a Granny Square Blanket.  I absolutely LOVE Granny Square Blankets (especially the one on the back of Amy's sofa in The Big Bang Theory, and when I googled Amy's blanket for a photo, I found this!!)
I just think Granny Square blankets look fantastic, and keep admiring some beautiful blankets on Ravelry.  I have been trying to talk myself out of it for a while because:
a) I don't really need another blanket
b) I didn't have any yarn
c) I hated the thought of sewing in all the ends.
But I managed to convince myself that you can never have too many blankets; I had to go into town to get purple thread for my skirt*, and you know how you can never buy just one thing in the craft shop(!); and I am sewing in the ends as I finish each square.
The blanket in question is the Summer Garden Granny Square Blanket by Attic24, the yarn is James Brett Top Value DK cheapy acrylic.  I've done five squares so far, and this will definately be a long-term project!  Below is square number one, I've got a bit better at changing colours since this one.

* I was sure I had bought purple thread, but couldn't find it; and when I came home with an identical spool, the first one was winking at me from the thread tin!!
Lynne :)


  1. The skirt looks fab! I really like the pretty lining too. I think I'd like to start a Granny Square blanket too, sometime. If it could magic itself finished in a week, I'd begin right away ;-). Have a good week. Ros

  2. I have the urge to crochet a blanket too. I think it's because the evenings are already drawing in and I'm imagining myself snuggled on the sofa with a mug of tea! Your skirt is great, I like the pocket linings.

  3. Oh dear me, yes - I am feeling the crochet blanket bug biting too! But I just can't imagine having the stick-at-it-ness to make enough squares!
    Great skirt - I especially like the pocket lining :D

  4. What a great simplicity skirt #2... Great colour for autumn, and that lining is something special, like semi precious :-)

    It's such a great pattern I'm almost tempted to try it again also ! Must get plans in order :-)


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