Saturday, 2 June 2012

Shopping Bag

Recently my Mum-in-law asked me if I could make her a shopping bag based on one that she already had, as her original bag had developed a mysterious hole.  She gave me some fabric and the original bag to work from.

Now, I have to say this scared me a bit, because it involved working out the pattern by myself, which involved maths (which is always scary!!).  But I was off work yesterday, so I thought I'd give it a go - and here are the results:


The green one is the one I made, the blue one is the original.  And even if I say so myself, this is fan-bloomin-tastic!!!!!  :)

I carefully measured the original to work out the sizing.  I even entered the 21st century and embraced the metric system because I can't do fractions of inches!  Get me!! ;)  I had measured it out a week or two ago, but cut it out and sewed it yesterday.  It took a couple of hours because I wanted to take my time with it and not fudge anything.

The only problem I had was what I thought was wonky thread tension.  Then I remembered the man in sewing machine shop told me that if I thought the thread tension was off, it could really just be dodgy thread that's been lying about forever.  This thread came from the bottom of one of my Granny's three thread boxes, so that's all it was.  I mention this incase anybody else had ever had the same problem.

It has a little pocket in the front, which is a rectangle of fabric folded in two.

I will give it to my Mum-in-law on Tuesday as they're away caravaning this weekend.  That's what she told me on Thursday when I called in for a ham she had boiled me for my dinner.  And it was delicious!

I really enjoyed making this, and am very pleased that I was able to work it all out by myself.  A great sense of achievement! :)

Here's a photo of the mystery hole in the original bag.  Extra bonus crafting points to anybody who can work out what caused it.  Mum-in-law is sure it didn't catch on anything, and we didn't think it looked like it had been eaten by a creepy crawly, or disintegrated by something (like bleach for example).  I'm going to see if I can applique a patch over it.

In knitting news, I am now on the second Jaywalker.  Oh, how I wished I had heeded everybody's advice on how tight this pattern was!!  I re-did the heel with an ordinary heel flap (which I will use for ever more!).  Then I thought, the foot on this is grand, it's not tight at all, I'll just keep going with my 2.5mm needles.  What I failed to appreciate was that the Jaywalker pattern is only on one half of the foot, but all the way around the leg.  Doh!!!  I had about 10 rounds left to do, and thought I'd try it on to admire it's loveliness - I couldn't get the blinkin thing over my foot!!!  I had to frog back to the top of the heel flap, and re-do the leg on 3.25mm needles.  Anyway, sock one is finished, and I'm nearly finished the heel flap on sock two.

And here are my next four Smoothie Hats.  I couldn't get Flickr to work, so couldn't do my  photo mosaic in BigHugeLabs.  But PicMonkey now has a collage maker, so I used it instead, and it was a lot easier.  

Have a great bank holiday,

Lynne :)


  1. Lovely bag. I've bought some febric to make a skirt for DD1 but haven't started it yet. I'll have a look at PicMonkey too - that collage looks rather swish!

  2. Great job on re-creating your MIL's bag. Goodness only knows what caused the rip. Maybe a sharp corner of a box???

    I'm going to have a quick look at PicMonkey. I usually use Big Huge Labs for my collages.

  3. The bag is fantastic!! Well done you. xx

  4. Well done on your maths and working out the bag - you've done a fab job! No idea on what's caused the gap, maybe a sharp book corner or something? Hope the second jaywalker goes a lot easier and quicker for you! Have a great weekend x

  5. Your bag is absolutely fantastic! Well done you! Perhaps you should go into production. Love the little Smoothie hats too. I've made a couple of pairs of Jaywalkers and yes, the certainly don't have much sideways stretch, but I love the pattern. Have a good weekend. Ros

  6. I love your bag! You could definitely start a range of project bags!

  7. Excellent version! bet your mother-in-law will love it. I also like your plan to salvage the original with applique.


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