Thursday, 14 June 2012

FO: Jaywalkers

The Jaywalkers of Doom are finished.  Well, they were finished last week, but I'm only getting around to blogging about them now.  And they weren't that doomy - an experimental short-row heel that I learnt didn't work; and being too tight around the leg that was easily fixed.  Anyway, here they are:

I used half a ball of Zitron Trekking XXL, colour 410.

In other news, I have just finished making a dress!  I am as proud as anything with it!!  I'll take some photos of it at the weekend, and blog about it then.  Honestly, it's the best thing ever!!

And news for my Belfast readers - as you may know, the shops in the In Shops in High Street closed recently.  In there was a shop that sold acrylic yarn, thread, needles, ribbon and general crafty goodies at good prices.

Well, my Mum and Dad were in town yesterday, they were walking out the back door of Marks and Spencers onto Callender Street, and where Simpsons used to be is now going to be the shop from the In Shops - according to a notice in the window.  They stopped for a nosey because, 1: they are pensioners, and, 2:  I have them well trained to spot crafty supplies.  They informed me that there were people setting up the shop with the above-mentioned crafty goodies, and it is opening on 2nd July.  Sadly I can't remember what it is called!  Naturally when it opens I shall go for a recce, and report back.

Also, I am in the mood to give le blog a face lift, so if it looks a bit different in the coming days, that is way.  Or it could be a disaster, and I'll keep it as it is!




  1. oooh - looking forward to seeing what dress you made :) x

  2. Looking forward to seeing the dress and yay new craft shop!!

  3. Another one here who can't wait to see your dress. You'll have to sniff out the new craft shop and report back too!

  4. Nice socks. Looking forward to seeing the dress. Laughing at how you've got your parents 'trained'.

  5. I am always so impressed by knitters, & especially when they produce such complicated technicolour things such as socks with heels, knitted on circulare needles (or lots of needles) - these are awesome!
    Looking forward to seeing your dress....

  6. Those are so pretty! I love knitting but have never been into making socks, so I always admire good socks :)


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