Monday, 2 April 2012

I have a sewing, um, area

And I love it!!

I have always been slightly envious of the lovely crafting rooms I see on other blogs, with lots of room for sewing machines, and loads of storage.  Especially since I have had to put up with this!

Now, you're probably thinking, "what a tip!!".  In my defence, whilst it may look like utter chaos, I do honestly know where everything is.  It's just that there is not enough space, and no storage!

My sewing machine and overlocker are on the left.  The keyboard gets put on top of the printer when I want to use them.  There is no elbow room what-so-ever!  On the plus side, the computer is right in front of me if I want to look something up - but then the sewing machine has to be moved to get at the keyboard...  you get the picture!!

So, I through a crafting diva strop (in my head), and decided I would turn the corner where stuff gets dumped in the spare room into a sewing area.  I got out a tape measure and hit the Ikea website.  I had planned to do it all this coming weekend as it's the Easter hols, but once the idea was in my head, I had to do it now!

Mr BB and I hit Ikea on Saturday afternoon, and came home with this lot.

I spent Saturday night putting it all together - it's just a thrill a minute in my house!  It scares me to admit, but I actually like putting stuff like this together.  All the bits get laid out in regimental rows before I even open the instructions: I am my father's daughter!!  And, yes, I did make those curtains. :)

The desk is really a computer desk, but it is the perfect size.  And, most importantly, it has storage!

And drawers,

oh, the luxury!!

I also got a small table-top ironing board, which is stored down one side, and my cutting board and big ruler are down the other side.  The chair is the only thing not from Ikea, it's from my garage (via B&Q) and is part of my garden furniture.  But for all the use it gets, I thought it would be better off here.

I had originally put both my sewing machine and overlocker on the desk, but the overlocker has been moved back beside the computer.  I was using it yesterday, and it was really loud.  The drawer underneath amplifies the noise.  This room joins the house next door, and I don't want to annoy my lovely neighbours because they are great.  

Also space-wise it make more sense, and the room where the computer is doesn't join next door.

I was doing some sewing yesterday, and everything is just so lovely!  All my stuff is to hand, and it's all so convenient!!  I love it! :)

In knitting news, I have four more Smoothie Hats done, but the photos were rubbish.  So I'll take some better one's and post them next time.



  1. I love this post it made me smile! Loving your new sewing area & I completely understand your excitement. I still get excited about my sewing area - knowing where everything is (even if it does look a mess!) xxx

    1. Thank you. I'm so glad somebody else understands! When I got home from work today I went straight upstairs just to look at it! :)

  2. That looks great! I mostly use my dining table for sewing, but it does mean I have to move it all whenever I want to do anything else there. Or eat there...

    1. Thank you. I use the dining table for cutting too, but that whole eating business does get in the way!!

  3. Your very own sewing space - go you! Enjoy :)

  4. yay it looks fantastic! Nothing like having your own crafty space. I love IKEA :D

  5. That's an amazing transformation! Wishing you many happy hours of sewing in your new crafty area!

  6. Wow looks fab! No stopping you now, loads and loads of lovely sewing. xx

  7. I know the feeling that having some proper dedicated storage & "room" can bring. It's relaxing, but sadly not necessarily tidiness-inducing (on my part anyway!)

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