Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sorbetto: Fail :(

Happy St Paddy's Day one and all!

Sorbetto was finished about two weeks' ago, and it is a big fail from failsville! :( 

But before I get into too much detail, I have to share this:

Please, do not be put off by the cheesy cover, this book is utter genius, and I wish I'd bought before I started sewing this top.

I could waffle for ages about what went wrong with this, and how I attempted to fix it, but the bottom line is I made it with a size that was too big.  I went with my bust measurement size, as it says on the pattern, but it was too big across the back.  Cue much adjusting, including a seam and a non-invisible invisible zip in the back, and it still doesn't fit properly in the bust.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I bought Fit For Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto.  I only finished reading it last night.  I had read lots of rave reviews of it on other blogs, and I agree with all of them. 

It shows how to fix any fitting issue you can think of, the instructions are really easy to follow, and there are lots of photos and diagrams to show how it's done.

What I should have done was take the size from my high bust measurement, and not full bust measurement, and I could have adjusted the bust from there.  And once I'd read all that, I realised that Ysolda talks at length about that at the start of Little Red In The City.

I have also discovered that Sorbetto is not really for me.  It's a bit too square for someone so small. 

But, onward and upward!  Armed with my new knowledge, I will give another pattern a try.  And I have four whole lovely days off work to do it.  I'm off work on Monday for St Patrick's Day, so I'm taking Tuesday off on leave as well.  I also want to try and get Angostura finished, and I have to do some tidying up in the garden.  The weeds are scary!

Have a great weekend!



  1. You know I've also read so many rave reviews of that book, and the little you say re big in the back rings bells for me. I think yours might be the review that changes my life!! Shame It's not been successful but at least you are armed with knowledge and tools for next time!!

  2. Aw no, that's such a shame but it really doesn't look too bad from the photos (I know it's hard to tell from photos) - you could totally wear a wee cardi with it and it would look great! I love the gingham!
    Thanks for the review of the book. I actually HAVE been put off by the doudy clothes on the front, and I personally think the fit on those clothes looks AWFUL and because of that have never bought it. But perhaps I may have to reconsider because it would def be great to have a good reference book to consult over fitting issues!!!
    Have a great long weekend off - I'm of course off too, but not taking the Tues like you, so just the one day. Looking forward to it anyway!!

  3. Thanks for giving a good review of this book. I have been reluctant to get it based on the the photos and not being able to flick through it over the Internet. I may have to put it on my wish list. It may help with fitting knitted things too.

  4. Pity about the top because it is lovely, but at least you are now armed with good knowledge and a few days off to fix it :) Have a great long weekend. xx

  5. Such a shame after so much effort. I've got the Sorbetto on my list at the moment but I saw a link on Pinterest on someone who had adapted it into a dress which I think would suit me better (not too sure about the boxiness!). Have a happy 4 days sewing :) x

  6. Aww - sorry you're not happy with the top after all the work you've put into it. The book definitely has that "please don't be put off by my cover" look about it!


  7. What a pain about the top, but you sound like you won't be making the same mistakes again. Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!

  8. Hmm, too bad this one didn't work out, but it sounds as though you've learnt loads in the process! Ros

  9. Such a shame it didn't turn out how you wanted it but you learn from mistakes more than from successes so they say. Good to see you have a positive attitude about the process. :-)


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