Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Snood-mania hits Belfast - read all about it!!!

Snoods, cowls - call them what you will: I call them brilliant - they're so great, I made two.

First up is the Gap-tastic Cowl, which is a free Ravelry download.  I cast-on 111sts instead of the 131sts on the pattern, because A: I'm small, so I didn't think it needed to be so long, and B: I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn.  I was right on both counts (naturally ;) ).  I just kept going until I ran out of yarn, so didn't do as many rows as on the pattern.  I used three balls of Adriafil Mistero, the colour doesn't have a name, it just called 003.

Apologies for the rubbish grainy photo, it was the best I could do.

I do not know how I lived without this.  It is the best thing ever!  I can wrap it around my neck twice, and then put a bit of it up like a hood, and it's toasty warm, which is handy since the wind had been blowing a hooley the last few days.  Here's a photo of it in better light.

Snood number two is the long version of the Chunky Cowl.  I'm blaming Karen from Did You Make That? on this one.  She's the one that started the Snood Sensation. :) 

Again I cast-on less stitches - 100 instead of 140.  Again I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn, so just kept going until I ran out, so it's not as wide as the other one.  The yarn is Sirdar Indie (which is lovely), the colour is 0160, I used three balls which I bought at my LYS, Jean's Wool Shop.

And here's a photo in better light.

I've also made a bit more progress on my Almost Ovals Scarf, but I've got a bit sidetracked with sewing and crocheting.  But more of that another time.

Happy knitting,



  1. Oooh i love your snoods, they look so warm and snug :) I have currently finished 3 snoods of varying sizes, although all are quite thin and use less than 2 balls of wool...i think 3 may be the magic number. I smell snood number 4 coming up...!!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!Gorgeous cowls!!! I think I might have to make the Gap-tastic. Gorgeous colourways! Ros

  3. Happy New Year! Your snuggly snood looks just the thing for this rather grim weather. Cx

  4. Awesome! Happy new year :)

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  6. I love your cowl, it looks really snuggly. I've only ever made two, one knitted, one sewn ohh and one bought but I'm unsure how to wear them. I think I look silly in them as my bust is quite ample and the snood/cowl doesn't sit right,or maybe I'm just wearing it wrong lol xx

  7. I love my cowl, it is so cosy. It's not big enough to wear it as a hood though, so perhaps I need to knit myself another one!!


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