Sunday, 8 January 2012

Skelton Bride: now she just needs a Groom!

And here she is from the back:

She's from the Creepy Cute crochet book.  It was only after I bought it that I read on the internet that some of the instructions aren't very clear. 

I was ok with the body, except for the frilly bit at the bottom of her dress, but I winged it; the head was another story!  Four hours, four hours people, I spent on half of it, and then it got ripped out.  All I can say is thank goodness for Ravelry. I found a Creepy Cute Ravelry Group which is brilliant.

The first problem was "CH1 SC1 in same".  I hadn't the faintest idea what that meant.  I then found this link in the Creepy Cute Group to the Designer's web site - problem solved. :)

The second problem was that my stitch count was always wrong.  Creepy Cute Group to the rescue again.  Turns out you don't count the "CH1 SC1 in same", (of course!).

It was the third problem that made me want to weep.  It was the instructions for Row 3, they were as clear as mud.  I finally worked it out from the chart beside the written instructions.  I have detailed it on my Ravelry project page here.  Now I just need to make her Groom.

I have also been fiddling about with some sewing this weekend.  I have decided the time has come to progress onto tops.  I've been having a go at the Colette Sorbetto top.  I made a muslin from an old duvet cover, and the back was too wide.  So I spent last night looking up back adjustments, and I think I have it ok now.  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of sewing/knitting free-time due to the whole "working full-time" business.  So I don't know when I'll get a chance to try out the adjustments on real fabric.

Tonight I feel like knitting, so I'm going to finish a Froggy Smoothie Hat, and do some of my woefully neglected Almost Ovals Scarf.

Happy knitting,



  1. She looks very lonely - you are going to have to crochet her a groom asap!!

  2. That is wicked cool ! Love it :)

  3. hehe. Cute! Learn to crochet is on my to do list for this year! I love some of the little amigurumi animals.

  4. Awh I love her. I'm looking forward to seeing her groom.

  5. Hi Lynne. Thanks for visiting me :) I had to do a narrow back adjustment on my Sorbetto pattern too - hope yours turns out OK.

  6. Aww! She looks a little lost and lonely. Hope her man turns up! Have a good week. Ros


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