Monday, 16 January 2012

Here comes the Groom!!

The Creepy Cute Groom is finished, and here he is:

Isn't he brill?!  And I'm sure you'd like to see the happy couple together,

I made his body and hat yesterday in the daylight, so I had half a chance of being able to see what I was doing with that black yarn.  I tell you what, it wasn't easy!  Any more projects from this book involving black shall be left until at least the Spring time.

The curse of the unclear instructions struck again with his hat, but I just winged it.  Then he wouldn't stand up properly because the weight of his hat made him fall over.  So I've just taken his head off and put some 2p coins in the bottom of his body, and now he's standing up perfectly. 

And I forgot about these last week, so here are my next four Smoothie Hats.

Happy knitting,



  1. I love the Groom. He's brilliant! What a happy couple they make.

    What fabulously tasty hats.The top 2 look good enough to eat and the bottom 2 are cute.

  2. Great fun! I think you need a couple of bridesmaids now!! LOL

  3. Well done on the Smoothie hats - it's a good reminder to me to get going again on making a few through the year so I have a decent stock by November.

  4. Heya; I've just found this blog. I'm from NI too. :) now I'm gonna add you on Ravelry lol. check my blog out


    Ravelry: Akitombo

  5. Fantastic! And I love the Smoothie hats too.


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