Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Knitting Panic

First of all I have to thank you all for the lovely comments on my Selbu Beret.  You are all too kind!  I seem to be on a fairisle kick at the minute.  I don't actually do the whole "one colour of yarn in each hand" thing properly.  I have tried to teach myself continental knitting, but I am very slow, and my tension is rubbish.  So I've sort of invented my own fairisle system.

I keep my main colour yarn on my right, and knit with it normally, and keep my contrast colour yarn on my left.  When I'm working with my main colour yarn, I sort of hold my contrast colour yarn between my fingers on my left hand, then when I want to knit with it, I just drop the main colour yarn, and knit the contrast colour yarn as normal.  I am certainly not the fastest fairisle knitter in the world, but it works for me!

And on the fairisle note, I am now knitting this:

It's called Moose In The Woods Hat.  The above photo is the one from the  pattern.  I swore blind I was not doing any Christmas knitting, but I didn't know what to get my sister.  She has a big chunky scarf which she loves (I think it was from River Island), and she asked me to make her a hat to go with it.  She picked this pattern on Ravelry, and I got the yarn on ebay for £3.60 a ball.

The yarn is Rico Soft Aran Merino, and is it gorgeous.  It says on the pattern that this hat can turn out a bit big, and, boy, it's not wrong!  I swatched it, and ended up making the toddlers size!  It fits perfectly well on my head, so it will fit my sister.  I've just started the decreases for the crown, and I fear that it may be too long.  I have a horrible feeling that I may have to frog it and take a few rows out the pattern.  There's nothing quite like Christmas knitting pressure.

Here's a not very good photo of some of the mooses.  The colours stand out better in real life.  And I seem to have a lot of other non-knitting stuff to do at the minute, so I'm knitting this in fits and starts.  

I have to tell you about one of the non-knitting things though, last night my sister and I went to see The Darkness.  Yey to The Darkness reforming!   We'd seen them before, and they were just as brill this time!  They were playing in the Ulster Hall in Belfast.  It has been refurbished recently, and that is the first time I have been in it since it was done, and it was lovely.  Then on the way home it started to snow.  I had learnt my lesson after the last concert I was at, and had the wit to take today off work.  I woke up at half past eight to this:

The frost damage on the plant pot is from last winter.  :(  Hopefully it won't last too long.

Have a good week!



  1. Another fabulpus hat!!! Love your colourway. Keep warm! Ros

  2. Just catching up with all my bloggy places! I'd like to try some colourwrok next year. You make it look soooooo simple! I know it's not tho! Hope things have warmed up a bit now! xx

  3. I love the hat and the yarn looks lovely. I am also trying some fairisle at the moment but it is slow moving! The darkness are awesome :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing the Moose hat finished. You are definitely inspiring me to get on with some colourwork when I've caught up with some little WIPS.

  5. I love the Moose In The Woods Hat. Gorgeous! The Rico yarn you have looks absolutely delish too!

    I've been too quiet on my knitting blog concentrating on my other blog and other things. However, today I launch a Bloghop fest for anyone interested.

  6. Love it! Went to buy the pattern but no longer available. :-( by chance are you willing to share the pattern?


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