Sunday, 9 October 2011

New Look 6920 Skirt B

The skirt I mentioned in my last post is now nearly finished.  I just have to add some buttonholes.  The pattern is New Look 6920, and I went with view B (short purple one on the front of the pattern).

I learnt something valuable whilst making this: the instructions with it are rubbish!  I ended up referring to the instructions on my Colette Ginger skirt pattern quite a lot. 

I appreciate I'm only comparing two patterns here, but if most pattern instructions are like this New Look one, then I don't know how anybody who is completely new to sewing would ever manage.  Perhaps newer patterns have better instructions, this one is about 10-12 years old.  The Colette pattern was brilliant, it's in book-form (not a big sheet), and every single thing is done step-by-step, with links to tutorials on the Colette website.   I should mention that I did a sewing class a million years ago, and have some sewing experience.

There was some crazy pocket arrangement that was built into the front facing, but I just could not get my head around the instructions for it, so I left it out.  Also the instructions for the hem were as clear as mud.  It's a hem for pete's sake!  How hard can it be!!  End of rant ;)

I got the fabric from Minerva Crafts and Fabrics on ebay, I can't remember exactly what fabric it is, but it's grey with a tiny lilac stripe.

And, yes, I really should have ironed it properly before I took the photos.

I'm really proud of the zip!  It's my favourite bit.  I used a fantastic tutorial I found on Sewaholic's web site.  There are two parts to it - Part 1 and Part 2.  It was easy-peasy, and worked first time!  I will doing zips like this from now on. 

The waist-band was a bit of a faff because it wasn't all in one piece.  It overlaps at the side seams, and this is where the buttonholes go. 

The pin is where the buttonhole should be, and I'm working myself up to doing them.  The buttonhole instructions in my machine's manual aren't very clear (I'm spotting a theme in this post), even though it has a buttonhole setting and foot.  Sadly my machine is quite old, so I can't find anything about it on the internet.  So, I've been practicing using a technique I found in one of my sewing books.  

As the buttons are just for decoration, I could just sew them through both layers of the waistband, but I would like to do it properly.  But unfortunately I can't find the buttons I want to use!!  I looked everywhere yesterday trying to find them, but they seem to have evaporated.  Grrr. 

In knitting news, I have started my Levenwick cardigan, but haven't done enough to warrant a progress pic just yet.

But I have been making pom-poms: 

Aren't they great?!  I made them last night whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing (Jase to win!!).  I was reading this post on "Thomasina Knits" blog last week, and commented on how lovely the pom-poms were, and how hopeless I was at making them.  Well, Liz very kindly posted this tutorial on how to make pom-poms.  They were ridiculously easy to make once I knew how to, so thank you very much Liz for taking the time to do this. :)


  1. I'm impressed with your zip - it looks completely invisible if you know what I mean. Thanks for the link to the tutorials. I look forward to seeing how your cardigan is coming along next time!

  2. Wow! The skirt is looking great so fay. I guess having a dressmaker's model makes things a bit easier. You zip prowess is very impressive! Have a good week. Ros

  3. Yay you're a Strictly fan too! Personally I'm rooting a bit for Team Savola.

    Nice skirts - maybe you could accessorize them with some pom-poms now you've mastered the technique.

  4. That is one professional looking skirt! Not like my shameful sewing ability lol! I like the cardigan, looking forward to progress shots.


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