Sunday, 16 October 2011

Levenwick WIP

This week I have mostly been working on my Levenwick cardigan.  Here are some not very good progress photos.


The front edges where the pins are will have an Old Shale buttonhole edging (the same as the neck edging), but I have to finish the body first. 

I added a few rows of top-down short-row shaping to the bust using the brilliant instructions and calculations in Ysolda's book Little Red In The City.   The colour is red in real life, it looks quite pink in these photos.

I have also completely finished my grey skirt.  After several days of top class procrastination, I finally tackled the buttonholes.  Here is the better of the two, with snazzy button.  I got the buttons from Textile Garden.  I also got some buttons for my cardigan.  There are some gorgeous buttons on their site, and they posted them really quickly.

And I know the closing date for this years' Smoothie Hats was only last Friday, but I have already started next years'.  Here are my first four. 

The sheep is my favourite, here's a link to the pattern.  I have to thank Liz at Thomasina Knits for it.  I made his head as it was on the pattern, but it looked very creepy!  So I made the head you see from the Froggy Pattern.

Happy knitting!



  1. Well done for starting on next year's hats! That sheep one is very cute. I shall check out the place where you bought your buttons from too. In answer to your question, those legs were free standing and must have been weighted in some way because they seemed pretty stable!

  2. Oh that little sheep hat is so, so cute! Thanks for sharing the link. Have a great week. Ros

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lynne - you put me to shame, you've been so busy crafting and blogging away. I must do better, I must do better, I must ... I'll definitely be looking at some of your links too, looks like some really interesting stuff. I know what you mean about buttonholes. My old machine never did them very well, and I've not yet tried on my new one. One of these days!


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