Sunday, 18 September 2011

Summer Wind Cowl

I finished this a few weeks' ago, but hadn't got around to blogging about it yet.  It's called Summer Wind Cowl (Ravelry link).

I used one ball of Zitron Trekking XXL sock wool.  There is a short and a long version on the pattern, and I went for the long one.  The pattern says 420 yards for the long, and I had 459 yards, but I didn't have enough yarn.  I had to leave out the last repeat of the border pattern.

You can see in the above photo that there are four rows of yarn-overs on the left edge, but only two rows on the right edge.  But I'm very pleased with it, and thought it would be nice with my denim jacket now that it's getting a bit cooler.

Even though it's turning chillier, I am still absolutely refusing to put my sandals away yet!  I won't put my boots on until 1st October!  My friend in work thought I'd gone mad on Wednesday when I turned up in a skirt, bare legs and sandals, and laughed her head off on Friday at lunchtime when I walked in a big puddle.  We'd gone out at lunchtime, and it was absolutely lashing.  I had to take my sandals off and dry my feet!  Serves me right.

And in honour of my 52nd and final Smoothie Hat, I decided to make another frog.

Isn't he brill?!  I shall parcel my hats up, and post them off this week.

And then I shall make a start on next year's hats!  I think I'll have another go at one a week, is anybody with me?!

Happy knitting,


PS, as you can see, I've been monkeying about with the background on my blog.  I can't decide if this purple is just a bit too dazzling on the old eyes!  Please let me know what you think!


  1. I love the cowl. The colour is very you! Oh and another frog, I love him. It's such a great idea to make one a week and I'd love to say I'll join you. In fact I WILL say I'll join you, but whether or not I succeed remains to be seen. I made a few with Josiekitten last year, but have made none this year ;(. The pair of you have done a great job! Have a good week. Ros

  2. Love the cowl. I'm sure you'll get loads of wear from it. The frog hat is so cute, you've been far more creative than me with your little hats! I'm going to try to resist the call of socks and keep wearing my sandals until I get back from Greece at the end of October!

  3. Keep those sandals on Ozzy! Another lovely froggy. To be very honest I'm finding the purple a bit too loud! Have a good week.

  4. The cowl's lovely and a great colour.

    Not sure about the purple. I like it, but my eyes aren't sure they do (but they're doing weird things at the moment - I'm verging on needing bifocals!).

  5. I love the cowl, very pretty. Don't worry about running short and the pattern not matching on both sides as I have noticed from wearing mine it tends to fold over anyway. I love purple but think perhaps a lighter shade? xx

  6. I had a look at my blog this morning on my phone, and nearly fell over! The purple!! What was I thinking!!! :o So I've changed it to something a bit kinder to eyes.

  7. The cowl is lovely and I like the new look background! Cx

  8. Oh Ozzy, the green and pastel background is much better!


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