Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Shameless Copy-Cat Post

I was browsing the Knitting Blogs on Sunday, and got a shock when I read on JosieKitten's blog that the deadline for Innocent Smoothie Hats for The Big Knit is Friday 14th October.  I have been merrily knitting away at one hat a week; I have been happily planning the next week's hat, and had completely forgotten the point of them all!

So I got all my hats together, and I have 51.  I've been trying one a week, so I have one to go, then I'll send them off, and make a start on next year's.

In a shameless copy of JosieKitten's post, here are all my hats so far.

You may have noticed that there are only 50 hats here, so here is number 51.  I still think he's the best hat ever, and I love this photo:

I have also been doing this: 

It's one of my long list of winter hats.  I stumbled across the pattern on Ravelry.  It's called Karin Kurbits Hat, and I have to say I love making it.  I've done fairisle Smoothie Hats, but never anything bigger.  It took a while to get used to the two yarns, and I can't really get the hang of holding the yarn in my left hand so I'm sort of swapping between the two yarns, but it's going well. 

I couldn't get the tension right on it, so after some calculations, I have made mine with five pattern repeats instead of six.  I had a look through some of the projects on Ravelry, and quite a few people have done this.

The multi-coloured yarn is Crystal Palace Mini Mochi.  I always knew this would end up being a hat.  And the grey yarn is Woolcraft Superwash Sock Yarn.  Yep, it's quite a combo, but it works!

I cast it on one evening, and was having doubts about the colours as the purple didn't seem to be much different than the grey, but when I looked at it in daylight, the colours stand out really well.  The photo is very like what it is in real life.

I've done a bit more than in the photo, but the colours become a bit difficult to see in artifical light, so it will be early evening/weekend knitting.

Happy knitting



  1. Just as well JK let you know it's time to send Ozzy!
    Lovely hats well done, the little froggy will be difficult to part with I think.
    The big hat is looking good too.

  2. I love the little froggy hat! So cute! I have favourited the Mini-Mochi hat too, as I do believe I have some of that yarn in my stash!! It looks great!

  3. That frog hat is seriously adorable! I love your colourwork. I am not nearly patient enough for it :)

  4. Cool hats, I especially love the little frog one. I haven't been knitting much at all. It's lovely to browse your blog to see what woollie delights you've been making. The colour work is gorgeous.
    I wore my first woollen hat of the year, yesterday. Norie by Gudrun Johnston, it's my favourite as it's quite hippy looking the way it sits with my long straight hair peeking out the bottom. Shirley x

  5. Cute hats! I especially like the little i-cord toppers - much quicker than a pom-pom.

    I'll have to see about knitting some myself before the deadline passes.


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