Sunday, 17 July 2011

I've been sewing

I have been threatening to make a bag for all my sewing stuff for quite some time, and, since I was off work this week, I did it. That, and the fact that my printer is broken, and I had to move all the sewing stuff off the top of it to try and fix it. Printer's still not working though. :(

Anyway, here it is:
It's based on a bag in the "Quilting in No Time" book I got for Christmas. The original bag has a round base, but it wouldn't have been big enough. So I made mine with a rectangle shaped base. I'm not overly happy with the handles, but the rest of it is brill (even if I say so myself!). There was a genius idea in the book for marking the stitching line for the actual quilting bit. It was to use masking tape, and it worked like a charm. I'll definitely use it again.

In true Blue Peter fashion, the flowery fabric is an old duvet cover swiped from my Mum and Dad; and the green fabric is a pillow case from Ikea. I have loads left, and for my next trick intend to make a cover for my sewing machine.

The inside is lined in the green fabric, here's a photo:
I'd already started to put stuff in it when I thought of taking a photo. There's a lot more stuff in it now, and it's fairly tidied up my desk!

I'm now about half way through the back of Angostura. The cable on the back is beautiful. I think I'll do a bit more of it tonight.

As mentioned in my last post, I have cast-on a sock. It's called Serpentine, and is from Socks from the Toe-Up by Wendy Johnston. I haven't done too much of it though, and don't have a photo of it.

And on Friday I finally made a proper effort to learn to crochet. I am now an expert on Extended Double Crochets; but I think that warrants a post of it's own.

Happy knitting,



  1. Great bag. I like the masking tape idea, I must remember that one.

  2. I love the bag, it looks really professionally sewn :)

  3. That is a lovely looking bag - you are getting so good with your sewing machine! You can never have too many bags in my view - for all those WIPs!!! I'm not a huge fan of toe up socks - I don't find that they fit as well as cuff down. Must be my feet!!!

  4. I love the clever cable at the back of Angostura. Yours looks wonderful! This post made me add it to my queue (I already had it hearted).

  5. Love the bag. I agree about the rectangular base. I have a canvas bag for my knitting with a rectangular base. One day I plan to make one with pockets too. Love your fabulous knitted project too. Looks like a mega complicated design. :O)

  6. Love your bag Ozzy! I've got that book too, but haven't spent much time looking at it - I think it's time I did :)


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