Friday, 29 July 2011

FO - Angostura

And here it is:
To say "I'm pleased with it" doesn't even begin to describe it! I love it! It's gorgeous! I wish it was winter so I could wear it! I did try to take some photos of me wearing it, but they didn't come out very well, so all these photos are on the dress form.

This is the cable on the right shoulder. The right front was easy-peasey, it was the left front I had trouble with.

With hindsight, I should have done the back cable a little bit higher, but in the great scheme of things, it's fine. This photo is the closest to the real colour.
I LOVE the I-Cord edging on the armholes and neck. It looks fab and there's no picking up stitches and making an edge.

I still honestly have no idea where I was going wrong with the left front, but my problem was that my knit-stitch columns were not in the right places to start the shoulder cable. I had a ponder, and decided to take some of Ysolda's advice from the book. Can't recall which page it's on, but basically it's "if you're having a problem with a certain bit on a pattern; just swatch that bit". So I did.

I used the provisional crochet cast-on in the book, just to give it a go, and it was quite easy. I then knit up the cable:

Then I wanted to do a few rows below the cable to be absolutely sure where the knit stitches would be - hence the "oh, my eyes" orange yarn. Things started to make a bit more sense after that, and I was able to crack on.

I finished all the knitting about 11pm last Saturday night. I wasn't about to start joining the shoulders at that time, so everything got put in the knitting bag, and this is what I pulled out on Sunday:
All those life-lines made me laugh! I thought that if a non-knitter looked at that, it would just seem like a tangled mess! I didn't realise I'd put in so many life-lines. Once I knew a bit was right, I didn't look back at it. I'm so glad they where there though! And the ones on the right front are all one piece of yarn, I didn't even bother cutting it!


  1. You should be pleased Ozzy - it looks fab!

  2. Very shapely indeed! Love those cables!

  3. That looks just fabulous! Well done you!! And I love the colour!

  4. Gorgeous!!!! Great pattern, lovely colour! Ros

  5. That looks stunning well done.I wish I inherited that stash, lucky you

  6. That is beautiful - very flattering knit. Hope you enjoy wearing it


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