Sunday, 3 July 2011

Circle Socks, and a new WIP

Here are my latest pair of socks. I used the Circle Socks pattern for the cuff, but my basic sock pattern is Mash-Up Magic Toe-Up Socks Recipe (MUMTU Socks) by Zhenya Lavy (both Rav Links). I have now made seven pairs of socks, one Top-Down, and the rest Toe-Up. This, quite frankly, amazes me, because for a long time I never saw the point of making socks. Now I'm hooked! It's got me thinking about why so may Knitters love socks; here are my conclusions:

1. They are extremely portable.
2. Once you get your head around them, they require little thought - unless there's a complicated stitch pattern, or you're working on the heel.
3. There are plenty of different technics involved to stop you getting bored.
4. It's very pleasing to be able to make something which perfectly fits the awkward shape that is a foot.
5. Non-knitters are always very impressed - until they start asking you to make some for them, then that's just annoying.

I love, love, love the MUMTU Pattern. It's a basic pattern for a plain sock which works out the number of stitches, rows etc for any size of sock. It then takes you through each step. It's written for two-at-a-time socks on a Magic Loop, but I do each sock individually because my one sock-sized circular needle isn't long enough (a good excuse to buy another one me thinks!). I also use
this provisional cast-on. It's so easy!

I definitely prefer the Toe-Up approach. I find doing increases for the toe and gusset is neater than the decreases done for Cuff-Down socks; but that could just be me. I also find the heel a lot easier to work, and like the fact that I can then try-on as I go.

I've finally calmed down after getting "
Little Red In The City" on Friday. Mr BB is extremely relieved. He was sick listening to me going on about it. I think he would have taken himself and the cats to an underground bunker if it hadn't turned up!

It really was worth the wait though. The chapters on fitting are fantastic, and all the calculations are easy to follow; which is great for folks like me who are rubbish at maths. As previously mentioned, my favourite pattern is
Angostura, and I cast it on last night. I've only done about 20 rows, so I don't have much to show just yet. I have been saving this yarn for it: It's Wendy Merino DK. It's my favourite yarn from of the great big stash from my Granny. I've already used some of it for the edging on my Two-Tone Shrug, and also for my Rose Red beret (both Rav links). According to Ravelry this yarn has been discontinued, which is a crying shame because it's gorgeous. It's a joy to knit with, is soft, stretchy (but retains it's shape), the stitch definition is lovely, and it washes beautifully. I wish I knew of an easily available yarn that was a great as this.
I think I'll go and knit some more of it,

Happy knitting,


PS After much hilarity the mouse was caught last Sunday at tea time. Furniture was pulled out all over the place, and eventually Luke Spookling caught it. He decided that underneath the table was the best place to play with it, but then he took it outside. After a while he got bored, and the mouse was last seen sneaking under the deck. A happy ending!


  1. I didn't see the point of socks at first either, then I got addicted! It's definitely the portability and having fun with stitch patterns without the time involved in larger garments. Also you only need one skein of sock yarns so cheaper than knitting a jumper which is always good...not cheaper when you buy as much sock yarn as me though!

  2. Great socks! I have to admit to being totally addicted to scoks. I think another reason is that there is no sewing up to do!!! Glad the mouse escaped with his life! Have a good week. Ros

  3. I'm a fan of that Circles socks pattern too - it always looks great! I'm going to see if I can get a copy of Little Red at Knit Nation. It sounds like it will be very useful. Garments never seem to fit me properly! It's lovely that you are able to knit up your Gran's stash!

  4. Hooray for socks! Life is just not "right" without a sock on the go. I am a cuff-down girl though - I can never judge when to start turning the heel with toe-up.


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