Monday, 11 July 2011


Angostura is doing my head in. :(

I started with the front rather than the back (the back is first on the pattern), because I wanted to try out the calculations for the short-row shaping at the bust. It worked beautifully.

Buoyed on with this success, I steamed onto the left neck shaping. After about 4 or 5 failed attempts, I discovered the fault - I needed to read the pattern properly!! I was working on the wrong size! I can't believe I was so stupid!!

I discovered this last night, so I frogged back to my lifeline (boy was I glad it was there!), marked the pattern properly, and went to bed. Today I started it again. I got to the shoulder shaping, and was one stitch short. There's no fudging on this, because there's a lovely cable at the shoulders, and there was no way it was going to work.

After much pondering, I thought I had cast-off one too many stitches at the underarm, so I frogged back to my lifeline: again. I'm now doubting my working out of the decreases, because my working out doesn't match the number of stitches for the shoulder. And it doesn't help that I'm not great with maths. Sigh.

So I've decided to leave the front for now, and have cast-on the back. Maybe I've been looking at it for too long now, and if I leave it for a few days it will all make perfect sense. Here's hoping!!

Anyway, here's a photo of the front so far. Note the skillful use of the TV remote control and the phone to weigh down the edges.
The cables don't show very well in this photo, and once it's blocked, they'll not look so squashed up. This yarn is quite stretchy.

So now I'm considering casting on a sock. I've been meaning to blog about my lovely pyramid bag for a while, but kept forgetting. Here it is:

Isn't it lovely?! I got it from Squirrel's shop, which is called Made By Sun Rae; everything there is gorgeous, and I can recommend it. It's a fab bag, and I couldn't resist the Russian Doll fabric. I also have some Pattern Keepers from the shop, which are one of those things that I didn't realise how useful they were until I got them. Can't do without them now!

Here are my next four Smoothie Hats, on a very motley crew of models.
I'm off to start a sock...



  1. Sometimes a bit of time out is all it takes for a pattern to click in your head - it's happened to me several times. You read the pattern so many times that you just get in a muddle. It's a bit like writing Christmas cards - at some point, you look at what you've written and start to wonder if you've spelled your name correctly :D

  2. I'm sorry you're having a frustrating time with the pattern, the yarn is lovely though and I'm sure the pattern will click and you'll get it sorted.

  3. The colour is beautiful.
    I feel your pain with the math in patterns. So many times I have wanted to hurl my knitting across the room cause I'm one stitch short and I've ripped it back three times, only to find it's still short. But then the dog would probably think I was playing a game, grab my knitting and yank it off the needles lol!

    Thank you for the lovely comments about the bag. I'm so chuffed you like it. Shirley xx


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