Sunday, 26 June 2011

Menai Tank

The Menai Tank is finished! Here it is in all it's loveliness:

It's a pattern from Yarn Forward Magazine No. 34 March 2011, here is the Ravelry link. I made a few mods:

1. I purled 3 rounds before starting the actual pattern, and then did a purl edging to the neck and arms edges.

2. The original is purled across the chest and upper back, but I knit mine.

The cables are just so lovely. My only issue was that the cables at the front shoulders have 4 stitches, and the cables at the back shoulder have 5 stitches, so they didn't match up completely. But that's me just being fussy! Here's a cable close-up:

The Gretel Top has been frogged. :( I did about 2 inches of it, then put it on the dress form, and it was massive. I will re-try it, but I want to wait to get Ysolda's new book Little Red In the City first. It's so close I can almost smell it! I already have the ebook on Ravelry, but would much prefer to study the actual book than read it on the computer; it's a bit difficult to stick post-its on a page on a computer screen! There is loads of information on fitting in the book, so I'm hoping it will help me out.

According to the Ysolda Group on Ravelry, some folks in America have already received their copies, (it was printed in America) but Ysolda says here (in post 1306)that it is currently in Customs. So hopefully I will get it this week. I shall be beside myself every day when I get home from work!

*** I interupt this blog to inform you that I have just been informed by Mr BB that there is a mouse in the living room (I'm upstairs). This morning one of the cat's (it was Luke - it's always Luke...) was trying to poke under the sofa, so that explains what he was up to. Oh the joys and delights of having two cats! Mr BB and the cats are now trying to catch it. I'm going to leave them to it; too many cooks and all that... ***

Yesterday I had another go at sewing a top, but it wasn't very successful and left me feeling a bit deflated. It's getting the fit right that's the problem. I've been procrastinating about a sewing class, so now I think I'll look into it. If I've put that in print, then I'll have to do it!

So at lunchtime I made myself a new rule - when Formula One is on TV, I have to knit, and that includes the Qualifying. No more faffing about on Ravelry, no looking up sewing patterns or technics - just knit! So during today's race I got lots of my second Circle Sock done. I'm off to finish it,

Happy knitting,



  1. I have just ordered Ysolde's book too. I love having it in PDF form so I can print off the patterns and scribble on them, but I'm waiting for the book before reading anything.

    The F1 rule works wonders for me. I always get shed loads of knitting done on race weekends!

  2. Hello there! The Menai Tank looks lovely. It's such a pretty colour. Ysolda has some wonderfully quirky patterns, doesn't she? Look forward to seeing what you make from the book. Have a good week. Ros

  3. I'm hoping that I might get a copy of the book at Knit Nation this year. Love the Menai Tank, but like you, I would have been irritated about the stitch count in the cables! Hope Mr BB and the cats managed to track down the mouse. I can remember mine bringing one in and losing interest. It took me about 5 hours to catch it. They had long given up!!

  4. Great top! The cables would have annoyed me too though.

    I'm waiting for the hard LRITC too - it'll be useful to have the patterns in PDF format, but for the technical stuff I'd much rather read it in a real book.

    I've had a few mice over the years, the one in my bookroom upstairs, which tends to have boxes all over the floor, was particularly memorable. As was the one that got under the stairs where my yarn stash (well, part of it) is stored, then hid under the gas meter...

  5. I love it! I would love to be able to knit something like this but for now I will stick to the plain and purl! Cx

  6. That is beautiful, well done!


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