Thursday, 9 June 2011

Decisions, decisions ...

The mystery knitting is finished!  For a while there I thought it wasn't going to be done on time, but after putting aside everything except breathing in and out, it was finished on Sunday. But I'm not at liberty to show it just yet. Sorry!

But now that it's done, I have a list of things to finish:

1. Circle Socks - the first one is sooo nearly finished, I've only about 20 rounds to go, and I'll do a bit more later on.

2. Lavender Bags - You may recall them from
this post. I got some more lavender, but haven't done any more yet. These will be done at the weekend.

3. Smoothie Hats - I was four hats behind, but not any more! :) See the photo further down.

So, this has left me with the decision of what big project to cast on next. Naturally I have a list:

Gretel Top (Rav link), using the gorgeous green yarn I bought from Violet Green when I was brave at the Dentists. Unfortunately I think the smallest size on the pattern is going to be a little bit too big, so I'll have to do some swatching and working out.

Kate Shopping Shawl (Rav link). There has been much excitement about this on Ravelry. It's one of several patterns copying the green shawl Kate Middleton was photographed wearing shortly after the wedding. I thought the shawl was gorgeous and very wearable, and I think this is the nicest pattern for it. There is a Ravelry Group, including a list of patterns, here if anybody is interested. Since I didn't have the right yarn, obviously I had to buy some! So I got this on ebay: It's from Filatura Di Crosa and is called Centolavaggi Chine. It's 100% Merino, and is gorgeously soft. It says on the band that it can be washed at 4o degrees, but I don't think I'll risk that one! I also had to get some 2.25mm needles, which I got from P2TOG. I can totally justify all these purchases as I didn't get anything in John Lewis! (See last post, and no, I'm still not over it.)

Angostura (Rav link). I (like half the knitting world) am impatiently awaiting Ysolda's new book, "Little Red In The City". Waaay back last year Ysolda had a photo (which I can't find) on her blog of the front of a vest top on a dress form. It was beautiful: I wanted to make it. Then she announced that she was doing a book. I pleaded to the knitting gods that the pattern should be in the book, so imagine my excitement when it was!

I have some lovely purple wool I've been saving, I've done several swatches; all I needed was the pattern. Well, it was released as a download on Ravelry yesterday to everybody who has pre-ordered the book!

So what do I cast-on first? I can't make my mind up!

Here are the next four Smoothie Hats, there's a tiny hint of the mystery knitting in one ;)

And finally in non-knitting news, I have to tell you where I was on Tuesday night. Me and two friends from work went to see
Def Leppard, Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy. It was fantastic!! Thin Lizzy were ok, Def Leppard were fantastic (oh how I love the Lep!), but Alice stole the show, he was just incredible. I got home at a quarter past midnight, and had to get up for work at 6.10am. For a while yesterday morning I felt a half day coming on, but never under-estimate the restorative power of tea! But, boy, was I tired last night. I think I'm getting too old for this rock and roll malarkey!

Happy knitting,



  1. Sounds like a great night. Thin Lizzy (with Phil Lynott) were the first band I ever saw live - at Ipswich Gaumont! As for what to cast on? I'd got for Gretel (summery), then Angostura (you can wear it over a t-shirt in Sept), then the shawl, which you could wear over the Angostura+t-shirt combo!

  2. It's got to be the Angostura - I am another one anxiously waiting for the full book release. I daren't cast on for anything else as I am mid 2011 sock challenge but I can live vicariously through your projects :)

  3. I have just found your blog and am loving it! Lots of inspiration. It's also great having another blog from Norn Iron! Cx

  4. REally hoping that my comment is going to work today - my home pc has not letting me leave a comment for some reason, so I am trying on my work laptop! I haven't been ignoring you, honest! The Kate shopping shawl is lovely, but looks like an awful lot of knitting using very thin yarn!!! Seeing your hats has reminded me I need to knit some more - I haven't knit any since the Royal Wedding! The Angostura gets my vote - well it would do, seeing as you're going to knit a purple one!

  5. Yay! It worked this time! Goodo!

  6. Wow! Whata busy week. Love the shawl pattern and yarn.... look forward to seeing it finished! Have a good week. Ros


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