Sunday, 1 May 2011

The world's most labour intensive top...

... is finished!! Boy, did I learn a lot from this! I learnt to trust my instincts about facing. I thought, "I really don't think this needs facing", but the pattern said to face the neck and armholes, so I dutifully did. Twice!!
The first time, I followed the pattern to the letter, and folded the facing over. It was far too heavy, so it got un-picked. Then I put it in without folding the facing - still too heavy, so un-picked again! Then I did what I thought I should do at the start, and just hem it.
I have also learned how to measure and take-in the back. This was a lot more successful! Then I took the shoulders up, which I should have done at the start as now the bust darts are in the wrong place. But overall, it's ok for a first go.
I've found lots of advice on the Internet for amending patterns, and this is something I realise I will most likely always have to do as I'm so small. But I have lots more fabric that came from Granny that I can have a play with.
In knitting news, I've finished Christmas Knitting No1. Here it is unblocked:

This yarn really is lovely, it's so soft and not at all itchy. It's called Adriafil Mistero Trends. The pattern is called Anthro-Inspired Scarflet (* I can't get the link to work). It's not particularly well written, but I was able to work it out. For the wrong side decrease rows I P2TOG instead of K2TOG.
I'm also working on a headband, but I don't have a photo of it.
* I'm typing this on a laptop because the some of the buttons on the keyboard of my ordinary computer aren't working. One of my cat's, Luke, (there are two) was sick on it! I don't know what's wrong with him. He's not eating much, and has been sick a few times, but he seems to be his normal self. We were to take him to the Vets yesterday, but he disappeared, and we had to cancel the appointment! But the Vets is open tomorrow, so I'll see if I can take him then. So apologies for the wonky paragraphs!
Happy knitting,


  1. The top is fabulous; such a pretty print and design. Love the scarf too! You're getting well ahead. Have a good week. Ros

  2. Love the top and well done you, for trusting your instincts. Sometimes it's better to veer away from pattern instructions and go with what you think is right. Bigger sense of achievement I feel when item is finished. The scarflet is wonderful too, colours are gorgeous.
    Hope Luke is okay and he doesn't escape again before the vets. Have a good week. Squirrel xx

  3. Well done for persisting with the sewing! I don't think I'd have been so patient! Your first Christmas present done is rather impressive too! Hope your cat is ok. Do let us know. xx

  4. I just love your top! Do hope your wee cat is better soon. x


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