Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I was in John Lewis in Oxford Street, London, and bought...

...nothing! Seriously! I'm still a bit hacked off.

Last Thursday night my sister and I went to visit our friend who lives in Buckinghamshire. On Friday we got the train to London. Naturally the haberdashery department on the 4th floor of John Lewis was on the shopping list.

I wanted to get some Sport/DK for a cardigan, a short Knitpro interchangeable cable, and have a browse. I didn't see any Sport/DK that I wanted, there was nothing of Knitpro at all, and I swear I knew they sold Malabrigo - well, they didn't. Talk about disappointed! I was nigh-on speechless for a while! Next time I will factor in the time (and directions) to go to

So then we strolled along to
Liberty. I had no intentions of buying anything there as I knew it was very expensive; but what a lovely shop. I looked at all the Liberty print fabric, which was just gorgeous but the prices would make your eyes water!

I did buy one thing though. It's a button box, with buttons and a pin cushion on top. All for £6.95. And I got it in a lovely Liberty bag, which is now being used as a sock project bag. I also got a pencil case in
Selfridges (I love Selfridges!) which I'm using for cable needles and all those wee bits and pieces that go astray. Want to see?! I also got to meet my friend's new kittens. Oh. My. Goodness!! They're the most gorgeous kittens ever! I wanted to bring them home.

And obivously I brought some knitting to do. I started another pair of
Circle Socks. I started them on Friday, and here's how much I've done:

They're going to be set aside though, as I have some mystery knitting to finish, and I'm now starting to panic that it won't be done in time! Everything else is now on hold, including Smoothie Hats.
I'm off to see how they get on with looking at the mystery knitting.

Happy knitting,



  1. What a shame! I don't think I've ever seen Malabrigo in JL though.

    I'd recommend going to Loop next time you're in London, I've found them much more friendly that iKnit, who were just rude to me the last time I was there. It's a much nicer shop too, IMO, and only five minutes walk from Angel tube.

    I love Liberty bags!

  2. Lovely 'small' purchases!!! Gorgeous kitties! glad to hear the contacts are behaving. Ros


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