Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody. I hope everyone is enjoying the good weather and the extra days off work. Here in Northern Ireland we get Easter Monday and Tuesday as the Public Holidays, so I finished work on Friday, and don't go back until next Tuesday; and all for two days leave, what with the Royal Wedding and May Day. Result! :)

I'm not long back from my Mum and Dad's where Mr BB and I, and my Sister and her BF were for our dinner, which was delicious. I finished the jumper for Sister and BF's Monkey which I mentioned in my last post. They thought it was great (naturally!), and Monkey seemed very pleased with it!

I have written out the pattern, and will try and add it to my Blog, but as I'm not very technical, it may take some time (and curses, and help from Mr BB...).

I have to show you the lovely parcel I received yesterday. It's from
Squirrel's "Pay It Forward". There's a gorgeous Peaches and Cream washcloth (which is too nice to use!), and fab shawl wrap pattern with buttons, a lovely postcard and a chocolate sheep, which I ate last night, and it was delicious! Thank you once again Squirrel.

Tomorrow I intend to make a start on the top* I mentioned in my last post, but last Sunday night I got a bit carried away and ordered three sewing patterns from
Sewbox. They are:
Serendipiy Studio - The Sabrina Tunic

Colette - Crepe Wrap Dress

Serendipity Studio - The Monique Dress

I have no idea when they will be made (or, indeed, if I can make them), nor do I have the fabric. But I am going to visit my lovely friend in England at the end of May, and fully intend to purchase lots of yarn/fabric then. I've already started a yarn list!

*And the reason why the top hasn't been started is because I didn't have any interfacing or a zip. So I called into The Spinning Wheel on my way home on Friday to buy some. You may recall I promised to buy some yarn there to support local woolly enterprise; so I bought this:

It's rather lovely. It's called Adriafil Mistero Trends, it's Chunky, and lovely and soft. I'm making an Anthro-Inspired Scarflet (Rav link) with it for a Christmas Present. Yes, you read that right! Sorry for mentioning the Christmas word!

Happy knitting,


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  1. Happy Easter to you too Lynne! I've not seen that Mistero yarn before - it looks Noro-ish in its colours. And Christmas knitting?! I'm impressed! Enjoy your days off!


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