Sunday, 17 April 2011


My Damson is finished, and here it is in all it's loveliness: I had a bit of trouble blocking it though. I find it difficult to pin out a shawl, so now the edging looks a bit uneven. Here's a close-up of the lovely lace design:

Remember Monkey from Christmas? Well he was getting a bit bored with his Christmas jumper, so I made him this:

I used some left-over sock yarn. This is version one - the pattern is being refined, and I'm going to cast-on another one later on. It will be for the Monkey belonging to my sister and her BF. He emailed me a link to someone selling handmade Monkey jumpers on ebay. He is totally knit-worthy as he fixes my computer on a regular basis - I'm very good at breaking it!
Thank you all very much for the lovely comments about my skirt. I wore it to work and everybody thought it was lovely.
It has done two things:

1. Made me get over my irrational fear of my sewing machine; and

2. Created a sewing monster. I spend most of yesterday morning favouriting various sewing websites and patterns. Then I found some more material that came from my Granny, and some patterns. Here's what's next:

I'm going to make the white one in the middle (but without the frilly bit) with this material. Which means I'll have to go into The Spinning Wheel for a zip and some interfacing, and as I mentioned in my last post that they're now selling yarn, I'll have to get some of that too.

Here are my next four Innocent Smoothie Hats. Thank you to the Phoenix Forum for the inspiration on the buttons.

Happy knitting, Lynne


  1. I love how your Damson worked out - gorgeous colours! Monkey looks great in his jumper - you do realise that he'll want lots more knitted things now!! I'm planning on using some buttons in my next lot of Innocent Snoothie hats too - they look more interesting! Have a good week!

  2. Hello there Lynne! Your Damson looks really pretty and Monkey's jumper is great! Love the pretty fabric too. Look forward to seeing the finished top! Have a good week. Ros


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