Sunday, 13 March 2011

New tricks, and an FO!

Recently I've been at the Physio for a dodgy knee (Chondromalacia patellae if you're interested - I'll live, and I don't need my leg chopped off ;) ). Anyway, I happened to mention my right elbow has been sore on and off for a while. Turns out I have Golfer's Elbow, which comes from a repetitive movement of the wrist, resulting in pain in the elbow - that would be caused by knitting then! :(

The Physio is a very nice lady, who was very interested in my knitting, and thought my Gretel beret was lovely. She said, "the only thing I can tell you is to stop knitting". Obviously I snorted and looked at her like she was a crazy person!

But this has got me thinking about Continental vs English knitting. I was taught English knitting, and have always knit this way, but I know Continental has less movement to it. So I have been trying to teach myself. I found this great video on YouTube, I've found it especially useful in explaining the tension. But I wouldn't say it's going too well. I have moments of brilliance with the knitting, but purling is a complete disaster! Fortunately my MIL is a Continental Knitter, and she has promised me she'll help me learn.

So I've been practicing on the knit rows on my Citron. Here's what I've done so far:

I think I have about one and a half repeats to do. And I've finished my Feet of Flames Circle Socks. They're warming my feet as I type.

The Menai tank-top made it's way out of the naughty corner earlier today. It's had plenty of time to consider what it's done, and the offending rounds have been frogged. I've done one round, so I now know where I am on the pattern; but I think this will now have to be a "spread out on the table" rather than a "lounging on the sofa" project. But I'm feeling quite proud of myself for having done it, because it's been staring evilly at me for a while!

Having always been a avid reader, I have been enjoying Books on the BBC over the last few weeks. So I have made a pile of some of my favourite books to re-read.

(Can you tell I'm in a Jane Austen phase?!) Mr Blackbeard has never understood reading the same book over again, but to me it's liking visiting an old friend. I'm in the middle of "Sense and Sensibility" at the minute, then I think I'll read "The Secret Adversary" by Agatha Christie. I love Agatha Christie, I have every book and this one is my favourite.

But now I'll give Continental knitting another go, wish me luck!

Happy St Paddy's Day for Thursday!.I shall be spending the morning sleeping, as I get the day off work. Hurray!

Happy knitting,



  1. Good luck with the continental knitting. Your citron is looking lovely and your finished socks are great too :)

  2. I do admire you for learning a new way of knitting. I hope that it helps your elbow. Love the Citron shawl. I'm going to have to start one of these soon. I like to re-read books occasionally - but they do have to be real old favourites, as there are so many new books waiting to be read too!

  3. The Citron shawl is looking great. The colours are gorgeous. I have to admit to reading lots, but seldom re-reading. It always feels as though there is not enough time, which is sad. Hope your knee and elbow start to show signs of improvement very soon. Have a good week. Ros


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