Sunday, 20 March 2011

Citron, and other FOs

I've been very productive and have two FOs to show you. This is because I've been off work since Thursday, which was St Patrick's Day, so I had the day off; then I took Friday off too. I got the garden tidied up, and got my Citron finished - and here it is:

I am very pleased with it. I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn to do the whole pattern, so I left out some repeats in the last section, and did the ruffled edge until I ran out of yarn.

I thought it would be nice with my denim jacket.

And here's how much yarn was left!! Not even enough for a Smoothie Hat!

I was trying out Continental Knitting on the Citron. I think I've got the hang of knitting, although the start and ends of rows are a bit tricky. I haven't tried purling or anything as radical as increasing or decreasing yet though.

A while ago I stumbled across a pattern on Ravelry for a wristrest for using with a computer mouse. It's called Earthy Mouse Pad Wrist Pillow. I thought I'd make myself one on Friday; well, it was so quick and easy, that I made two. One is for home, and one for work. I used the leftover yarn from my Bousta Beret. I'm using one of them as I type, and it's great.

I've also been working on my Menai Vest Top. I'm friends with it again, and it's coming along nicely. And here are my next four Smoothie Hats.

Hope you all have a lovely week,

Happy knitting,



  1. I really, really like your Citron. The colours are so pretty! The wrist support is a good idea - I spend too much time on the computer, so I'm sure that it'd come in handy! Have a good week! x

  2. The Citron is beautiful! Great idea to add the ruffled edge. Lovely little hats again. They're so cute! Have a great week. Ros

  3. Citron is beautiful. I would have been panicking as I was knitting at the decreasing yarn ball, lol! Once again the little hats are so adorable.

    Squirrel xx

  4. Your Citron looks great and made me powerless to resist casting on my own recently! I love the yarn you used and it does look great with your denim jacket.

  5. The Citron is beautiful. Oh and the smoothie hats are so cute.


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