Sunday, 6 February 2011

Frogging and sewing

Before Christmas I had bought some yarn from The Thylacine to make a Bousta Beret. I finished said beret on Wednesday. Here it is:
Unfortunately it was frogged yesterday; it was too big for my wee head. :(
But, it will be done again! I love the pattern (this photo really does not do it justice), and I love the yarn, it's so soft and squishy. I've already worked out how to adjust the pattern, but the problem is I am now using my one set of 4mm tips for this:

It's called
Menai Tank (Ravelry link, where there are lots of lovely photos of it), and is in February's issue of Yarn Forward magazine. I've only done a few rounds, so there are no photos yet. And it may be re-started if I'm not happy with the size.

You may recall at Christmas I got a book called "Quilting in no time". Well, I've just made this pincushion from it:

It's not as round as it should be (it's very difficult to sew two circles together on a sewing machine!), but I'm quite pleased with it for a first attempt.
I shall go and do a bit more of the tank top I think!
Happy knitting,


  1. Good evening! Love the beret yarn and that cute little pin cushion! I have that book to, but have yet to use it ;-). You are very good to frog so soon, with the intention of re-knitting. I find it so hard to redo a pattern. The item just lurks in the shadows, unused, which is pretty silly! Have a great week. Ros

  2. You need more 4mm tips ;-)

    The pin cushion is lovely. It's such a shame the beret doesn't fit as it looks lovely. I'm also looking forward to pictures of the top when you've got a bit more done.

    Have a lovely week.


  3. That pincushion is great! Perfect for a little extra present! Look forward to seeing your beret reknitted.

  4. Love the tank top pattern, it looks lovely. Sorry to hear you had to frog the beret, I'm sure you will have it knitted up in no time. The pincushion is fab too. x

  5. Love the pincushion - it's brilliant !


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