Sunday, 16 January 2011

Oh, my eyes....

I have often read of Knitters complaining about working with dark coloured yarn as it's so difficult to see, but I hadn't experienced it until now.

Both my current projects are dark, and oh my goodness, is it hard to see the stitches!! The first one is my Mayrose Beret which was finished a few days ago. I used some King Cole Mirage DK which is black with green, dark purple, dusky pink and black in it which produces stripes. The green and pink bit were ok, but the others were so difficult to see! Especially in the feather and fan YO rounds. But it's finished, and it's very lovely. I think I'll have to wear it to work tomorrow. :)

The second thing is the hat for my Dad that I mentioned in my last post. The pattern is called Jacques Cousteau Hat. I using navy blue yarn, and I only wish that the colour was as bright as in this photo! The yarn is from the huge Granny Stash, and is called Argyll Fernmoor DK, which must be obscure because I can't find it on Ravelry. Anyway, I'm nearly finished it, and then I'm never knitting with dark yarn again!!

And finally, here's a little flower brooch I made for my friend as part of her birthday present. She always admires the one I made myself which is on my purple coat. The pattern is called Lydia Flower, and I used some Twilleys Freedom DK.

Happy knitting,


  1. I hate dark yarn too!!! Maybe we should just use it in the summer when the light is good!

  2. I knitted Mr JK a pair of dark socks, and swore 'never again'! He has to wear bright ones now if he wants handknit socks! I do like your brooch - very pretty.

  3. Hello there Lynne! Love the brooch and the beret. Such pretty colours. Hope you have a good weeek. Ros


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