Sunday, 9 January 2011


I don't know why, but I've suddenly felt the need for mittens, so I made these:

The pattern is called Basket Weave Mittens. I made them with some Rowan Little Big Wool which was from a frogged vest thingy. I used 6mm needles for the basket weave bit, and 5mm for the hands. I jingled the pattern a bit to make them fit my wee tiny hands.

I'm very pleased with them, and they're lovely and warm.

Here's an "in progress" photo of the Mayrose Beret I mentioned in my last post. It's going well, and I hope to have it finished this week.

My Dad has requested a hat to keep his head warm when he's gardening. I have some navy DK, and have decided on a Jacques Cousteau Hat. I've done the swatch, but just haven't washed it yet.

This week I have been watching "
Stargazing Live" on BBC2. It was brilliant! I've always been a bit of a geek about stuff like that. I wasn't able to see the partial solar eclipse on Tuesday morning because it was cloudy in Belfast, but this photo of the eclipse was on the program.

Isn't it amazing!! The thing on the top left of the sun that looks like a something from Star Wars is the International Space Station!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and it's not as icey where you are as it is in Belfast! Pants.

Happy knitting,



  1. The colours in the beret are gorgeous! I like your mittens too. Hope the weather improves for you this week! Otherwise, stay inside and knit!

  2. Those mittens are just lovely and I can't wait to see the finished mittens.


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