Sunday, 19 December 2010


There hasn't been much in the way of knitting done around here lately because I've had a cold. I won't bore you with the details.

I did manage to put the Christmas tree up before the germs kicked in. Here it is in all it's loveliness, I've never had a real tree before, and it's just lovely! I've hung the decorations that I made, and everybody thinks they're great!.Mr Blackbeard and I put it up last Saturday while watching Ice Cold in Alex. I hadn't seen that film for years, and had forgotten how brilliant it is.

I was hoping to have my blanket finished, but t'was not to be. I picked it up again on Friday, and here is how it's looking: There are supposed to be three bands of the lighter colour around the edge, but I think I'll do four. It should (hopefully) be finished really soon, so I'll post lots of photos then.

We still have snow, it arrived on Thursday evening. There are 5 inches of the horrible stuff at my house. I am completely fed up with it. Hope it's not too bad where you are, and you're keeping warm,



  1. Your tree looks gorgeous and your blanket is looking great too. Hope the snow clears soon, we've gotten off very lightly with this fresh burst of it and are crossing fingers that we don't get any more!

  2. Sorry to hear you've not been well. Hope you feel better soon. I saw on the news that Northern Ireland has been particularly badly hit by the snow. Hope you don't have to travel too far! Love the tree - very festive!

  3. Your blanket and tree are looking lovely. I hope you're keeping warm. We've had snow, but nowhere n.ear as much as you. I've loved visiting your blog this year. Have a great Christmas and a peaceful 2011. Ros


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