Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hats (and Socks)

Hat 1

The red Manu cardigan has been put to one side recently because I was getting a bit bored of it, but I feel the need to start it again tonight.

So when knitting boredom struck, I decided to cast on a hat. Cos, let's face it - they're quick, useful (now it's getting colder), and I (ahem) don't have enough of them!!

I was looking for something that would come down over my ears a bit, and found this. It's called Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap. Here's a photo.

It might be a bit difficult to work it out from this photo. The loose yarn at the top is the crown, and the loose yarn at the bottom is the back of the neck. The pointy bit at the bottom left is the bit that comes down passed the ears. I will take some better photos once it's sewn up.

It's a very clever pattern. It's all done with short rows, a bit like Ysolda's Urchin Beret. The seaming is going to be tricky as I have to match up the knits and purls. I used half a 100gm skein of Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend DK. The other half made my Snapdragon Tam.

Hat(s) 2

I mentioned before that I was going to try and do one wee hat a week for The Big Knit for next year. Well, here's what I've done so far!

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself! I hope I can keep up with making them.

Hat 3

I was having a Ravelry browse a few nights ago, and came across Wooly Wormhead's Mystery KAL. I haven't made a Wormhead beret yet, but there are some in my queue. I have also never taken part in a knit-along, and am stupidly excited about it! This is a mystery KAL the pattern is released in three parts over three weeks.

I'm going with Pattern B, and happen to have the recommended yarn (yipee!), so obviously I was meant to make this! The yarn is Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend DK; and, yes, that is what I used for the hat I've just finished, but I had bought two skeins. Plus I got to use my lovely swift to wind the yarn.

The first part of the pattern is published tomorrow, so I shall print it out as soon as I get home.


And finally, the toe-up socks are finished. Here they are together (the fact that the colours match is more luck than judgement):

Happy knitting!



  1. I just knit a hat as well and feel the urge to knit lots more hats, must be the cold weather! I love how quick they are too.

  2. Love the little hats! The socks are very pretty too.

  3. I'm also going to be doing the WW mystery KAL and am ridiculously excited about the fact that I just ordered the Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend for it. I love all her designs so I'm confident that my money has been well spent because I'll end up with a hat I love.


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