Friday, 13 August 2010

Knitting Field Trip

Mr Blackbeard and I went on a knitting field trip today to This Is Knit in Dublin.

It's about 100 miles from Belfast to Dublin, and it took about 2 hours to get there. We went on the new by-pass at Newry (just before the border), and used the toll road to by-pass Drogheda (EUR 1.90) - can't find the Euro symbol on my keyboard!

It was a lovely sunny day, and the only traffic jam was in the centre of Dublin; thank goodness for Sat Nav though! We got there about lunch time, so we went for our lunch and then went to This Is Knit. Well, I went to This Is Knit, Mr Blackbeard went for a sit down with a cup of coffee and a paper. I was under strict instructions to take my time.

The shop was lovely, and had so many gorgeous squishy yarns. And the ladies were really friendly and helpful, and chatted for ages. I can really recommend it if you find yourself in Dublin. It's just off Grafton Street, behind Brown Thomas. The directions are on the web site.

Want to see what I got?!

Here it is!!

Can you tell I like purple and green?! I'm not admitting to how much I spent, but I will say that everything was a bargain because 1 Euro was worth 83p today. From the top left:

- Lambs Pride Bulky (purple) - this is for a hat, I haven't decided on the exact one yet.

- Noro Sekku 1 ply (green and purple) - I don't have any plans for this, but the lady in the shop was making a shawl with it, and it knitted up beautifully.

- 2 x Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply (cream) - This is for this hat.

- Nature Spun 4 ply, which looks magenta in the photo, but is more purple in real life. This is for some wrist warmers.

- Wendy Happy sock yarn, which is self-patterning.

- Manos Del Uruguay Lace (purple) - this is hopefully for this top, I'm going to swatch it tomorrow.

- Malabrigo Merino Worsted (green) - this is for another Peaks Island Hood. I made one in purple with the same yarn, and I love it.

- Socks from the toe up by Wendy Johnson

- Some gorgeous buttons that are wee bees! They're for some booties I'm making for a friend who's expecting. I've finished one, but don't have a photo of it.

But I do have a photo of my first ever toe-up sock. Here it is:

I used this pattern, which is ridiculously easy to follow, and is written for a magic loop. The only thing that didn't work was the length of the foot, but I was able to work it out. I don't have the calculations to hand though.
I thought I'd be smart and add a moss stitch rib pattern instead of just plain stocking stitch. All was well until I started the leg, and I hadn't factored in the stitch count there! So I fudged it a bit, and it's fine. No 2 sock was cast on earlier.
I am now not buying any more yarn for the rest of the year. Honest...


  1. Wow you got some gorgeous yarn there Lynne, I love that green! I also love that hat pattern you have linked, I may have to print that one off to have a go at myself :-)

  2. Lovely things there and yes we can tell you like purple and green :0) don't blame you, great colours, can tell you like knitting socks too, wish i could get the hang of those a bit too complicated for me i'm afraid. x

  3. Ooooooooh, some lovely buys there! I dragged Mr JK down to their shop at Black Rock (I think!), but it's even more perfect now they've moved into the centre of Dublin! Look forward to seeing what you make!


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