Monday, 9 August 2010

Frog-fest 2010 - release your inner amphibian!


You know how you see a pattern, and it's gorgeous, and you think "that would be a challenge", and you make it, and you learn new knitting skills - then you never wear the bloomin thing?! Well, I have collected mine together and have had a frogging party.

It really all started with a vest top I was making (it's at the bottom of this post). Well, it was too big so I had to frog it. Then the yarn needed soaked to get the kinks out, so I thought I do some more. Here are the results:

From left to right:

- The multi-coloured purple is Twilleys Freedom DK, which was a waistcoat. It was lovely, but had no shaping, so looked a tad square-shaped. I'm thinking of turning it into this.

- The black with green and purple through it is King Cole Mirage DK; this is the above-mentioned vest top.

Both of these have been soaked and dryed, I haven't done the rest yet.

- The small amount of white, and the light purple are Rowan Little Big Wool. This was a lovely waistcoat/body warmer thingy from Domiknitrix. It was lovely, it fitted perfectly and the increases and decreases were gorgeous (even if I say so myself!). But I never got around to putting a zip in it.

- And finally, the darker purple is Sirdar Click DK. This was a Sirdar pattern 9104. But it was too big across the back.

I have to say all that frogging was quite liberating!

I was afraid that the above would apply to my lovely shawl from my last post. Then I saw this on Stefanie Japel's blog. It was the third photo that made sense (and isn't that shawl beautiful!). So I ordered some shawl pins on ebay, and here's the result.


I mentioned in a previous post about making some wristwarmers like one's I saw in an expensive shop in Belfast. I started them - twice, but I was having trouble with the thumbs. Then I had a brainwave. I had wanted to make Ysolda's Snapdragon Flip-tops but they would have been too big for my wee tiny hands. So I experimented, and made them with the 4ply for my wristwarmers. Here's the left one:

I changed the thumb a bit. The original was a closed thumb, but I left mine open at the top so it can be folded down. It fits perfectly (like a glove you could say!). It's size is 6 inches around the palm. Here's a photo of the right one. I'm a bit further along with it though. The thumb is finished, and I'm about half way through the flip-top.

Now I'm left with a dilemma. I now know what I want to do with the thumbs on my own wristwarmers, and have enough of this yarn to make them. But, since I now have a pair of gloves in this colour, I think I may (ahem) have to buy some more single-coloured 4ply...


  1. Very brave to frog things, I'd be worried that once I'd started, I wouldn't know when to stop! I like the mini cardigan you're thinking of making.

  2. My word! You've done well! That's a very pretty shawl and the pin sits really nicely on it. Ros

  3. The frogging was brave but I can see it would be liberating and kind of a relief if you knew you wouldn't wear the things. That shawl looks lovely, I loved that third photo on her blog that you mention.

  4. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. Oh how I've missed my internet connection! A frog-fest sounds like a very good idea. I have so many FOs (and nearly-FOs!) lying around, I'm sure I could put all that yarn to a better use.
    I love your shawl!
    Carrie xx


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