Monday, 19 July 2010

I have FOs

I took a leaf out of Laughing Yaffle's book, and banned myself from the Internet. (When I say banned, I mean limited my time: when I say Internet, I mean Ravelry.) So, finally, one of my WIPs is now a FO! I honestly though it would never be finished. The pattern is called Frost Diamonds. Here's a close-up:
And here's the whole thing:

This photo below is closest to the real colour:

The pattern used Worsted weight yarn, put I used 4ply. I did two more repeats of the design than was on the pattern. This was where the "I'm never going to finish this!" came in. I roughly counted the stitches about 3 rows before I cast off - I got 539. Yes people, that's 539 stitches!!

To tell the truth, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to use this shawl for. I just took a notion to knit one, and I think it's a "I knit it because it was there" project. When it was OTN, I saw this on the Phoenix Forum, and found this link very interesting. I'm not sure if I would knit another shawl though as the really long rows towards the end are, well, really long!! (That could be "famous last words" though!) I can see that a stole/wrap would be a bit more wearable.

I have to tell you about the yarn. It's called Argyll Ambridge 4ply, and is a tie-in to the BBC Radio4 show "The Archers". It came from my Granny, and this is the best photo I could get of the label. I have absolutely no idea where my Granny got it, and I think it say 1983 or 1984 on the label somewhere.

I finished casting the shawl off on Saturday night, so treated myself to Ravelry, just to change the status to finished... Anyway, I was browsing some blogs, including one I ready by the Designer Kate Davies. She's a great Archers fan, and on her current blog she has a link to an old post. Here it is. I nearly fell off the sofa when I saw the photos! Priceless!!

When I got about halfway though the shawl, I felt the need for a quick project; so I settled on this. I though it would be quick and easy - how wrong was I!!

I cast it on whilst watching the start of the Ladies Wimbledon Final, thinking I would be almost finished by the end of the match. Well, I think I was well into the crown by the end of the match, but decided I wanted it a bit slouchier. I had cunningly put a life-line in just before the crown decreases, and frogged back to do a few more rows. This is where it all went horribly wrong - I noticed a dropped stitch about halfway down. I had to tink back six rows. Six rows isn't much I hear you say - but it's very fluffy yarn, and then there were all the YOs and SSKs, the beads, the magic loop...

Anyway, here's the result. I am very pleased with it, it will be lovely and cosy in the winter. I used about one and a half balls of Twilley Freedom Super Chunky, and the beads were from ebay. They have little sparkles in them.

So now I'm about halfway through the tank top/vest thingy. Hopefully I'll have a progress report for my next post. Happy knitting!!

ETA: I finally got the links to work. Only took 2 hours! I think I'll treat myself to a caramel square...

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  1. I love the shawl, well done for finishing it off. I know what you mean about Ravelry - I think there's normal time and Ravelry time, and it's amazing how an hour can so easily vanish. LOved the Archers link - some of those garments!!!


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