Sunday, 20 June 2010

OXO Socks and WIPs

OXO Socks

These were finished just over a week ago. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. There are a few more photos on my Rav page

Frost Diamonds Shawl

I've recently felt the need to make a shawl, so I chose this pattern by Stefanie Japel. It's called Frost Diamonds, and was free on Knitty. I'm doing mine with some 4ply from my Granny's stash. I've just started the second repeat on Chart B, here's a photo. This is nothing like the real colour, it's much more purpley.

It was started with about 3/4 of a ball that was under the bed. When that ball was finished, I went under the bed to find it's friends - they weren't there! I had to work up to looking for them because they were in either two black bin bags in the top of the hot press, or in a big vaccum bag in the roof space.

Yesterday I plucked up the courage, got out the kitchen steps, and tackled the hot press. Turned out there were three black bags: the yarn I wanted wasn't in any of them. :( I found it in the roof space.

4 Ply Wrist Warmers

I was in the gorgeous, but dear hole (that's Belfast for "very pricey"), shop that is Avoca, where I got my button jug and mug. I saw the most beautiful moss stitch and cabled cashmere wristwarmers (I can't see them on the web site), but they were £19.95!! (Yes, you read it right.) I instantly turned into my Granny and said, "I could make those!". So then I had to go the The Wool Shop in Ards, and bought some Sublime baby cashmere merino silk 4 ply. Here's what I've done so far.

Unfortunately I can't make anymore socks as I only have one 2.5mm circular needle, and they're being used for the above. I want to have a go at toe-up socks next. I briefly considered ordering another pair from P2TOG, but I never seem to be able to buy just one thing from them! I've just recalled some lovely Mini Mochi 4 ply I bought from there. When I was in Avoca I also saw some gorgeous Feather and Fan Wristwarmers (I was too scared to look at the price), and the Mini Mochi might be the thing for them. But they're at the planning stage in my head at the minute.

Cobweb Frill Camisole

Here's a progress photo. It's a good mindless "watching soaps" thing. The green isn't just so bright in real life!


  1. WOW! You have been very busy. Those socks are really lovely. It's a great pattern and the yarn is gorgeous. Ros

  2. Love the way the yarn has gone all stripy down the foot of the socks! Lots of lovely things you have on the go at the moment. I too feel the need to make a shawl. It's the winding of the yarn from the skein that is putting me off at the moment!


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