Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hats, hats and more hats

I was monkeying around with the layout of my blog yesterday; I quite like it!

I'm starting to scare myself with this new hat obsession. It's all I've been doing lately. This is the finished Snapdragon Tam. I had to block it twice, the crown was a weird shape the first time. I think the lesson I learned was, don't use a Denby plate to block, use one from Marks and Spencers!

Then I made this one. The pattern is called Fern Glade. The yarn is Sirdar Click DK, and I didn't even use one whole ball! I can't remember what the colour is called.

There are some more photos of both on my Ravelry pages.

Then I remembered I had a ball and a half of this

It's Gedifra Fashion Trend Astrakan, chunky weight. I liked the idea of a beret with a spiral in it. I played around with it a bit, then found a spiral beret pattern on Ravelry for 4 ply. I modified it so much, I'm fairly sure it's no longer the same pattern! Anyway, I finished it just before starting this post, but I want to have a better look at it in the daylight tomorrow.

At the start of my beret obsession (beretitis?!), I came across this.

Isn't it gorgeous! It's called Neep Heid by Kate Davies, (it's the third one down, but I've fallen for the cardigan at the top as well!) It's made with 4 ply, which I have in beige in abundance. It's part of the huge stash from my Granny. This 4 ply is so old, the weight is in ounces.

I have previously successfully dyed some of it orange using Kool Aid. It turned out a lovely burnt orange shade, and I should have enough left for the rusty orange for this. I had planned to dye some more of it green and purple today, but just didn't get around to it, so that's my job for tomorrow.

I've also had a idea for a design for a beret, so I'll have a go at that too. I'm going to use some green Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in my stash.

Easter holidays are brilliant; it's like two weekends, one after the other! :)


  1. Hats are great, I love the two you've knit and can't wait to see pictures of the others.

  2. Your hats look really lovely! I agree, holidays are always great, great, great! Enjoy! Ros

  3. I laughed at 'beretitis'!! I think I've got 'sockatitis' and 'scarfatitis' too! I must have a go at a beret. Yours look great!


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