Sunday, 21 March 2010

Wrist Warmers

I am really small, and have tiny hands. Any wristwarmer patterns I see have to be adjusted to make them fit me. I was getting a bit tired of this, so though I'd make a wristwarmer pattern myself. After lots of scribbing and rubbing out on knitting graph paper, I came up with a design. I started knitting it on Thursday and finished number one last night. Here it is:

I have to say, I'm very pleased with it! I used some Sirdar Click DK. I think the colour is called Heather. I've just finished typing out the pattern, and will start number two later on.

I'm about half way through my Snapdragon Tam. I'm not enjoying just as much as the Rose Red Beret, but it's looking lovely.



  1. That is a really pretty pattern and the colour looks lovely.

  2. It looks great. I always have to upsize things as I'm really tall! Wouldn't it be nice to find a pattern that just fitted!

  3. Lovely wristwarmer. Such a pretty colour too. Ros

  4. Gorgeous!
    I hope you share the pattern soon =)


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